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    Double Standard

    I firmly believe in our constitutional mantra that states "All men are created equal" - and I put equal conviction to the clause that allows us to defend our domestic homeland from foreign threat. It seems, however, that these two statements are being eroded by the rise of "protected classes" in America.

    Now I am a white guy, but it does not define who I am. I have a best friend who is black, a Fiance who is Hispanic and several of my colleagues are Asian. Its good to know that in the land of the free, we were all created equal - you know, so there's no akward moments as to who is premium thoroughbred human and who isnt.

    However, when I was at work the other day I had a small arguement with a disgruntled coworker. He was hostile toward me, so I rebuked him. Next thing I know, as I was walking away, he muttered "cracker" - with an expletive preceding it.

    Now if the tables were turned and I had called him a racial slur (the employee was hispanic) then it would have been a BIG DEAL. I would have lsot my job. He insulted me, and I was hurt. I felt that me being a "cracker" had nothing to do wiht our arguement. When management caught wind of the verbal exchange, they had us sit down and shake hands. How wonderful. That is all that is needed to alleviate a racial slur issued against a white guy.

    So we let these ways slide because of a historical injustice towards minorities - but here's the kicker - in Miami, I'M THE MINORITY. And for some reason in South Florida, where hispanics are taking over as the dominant race, they are still awarded everything from minority scholarships to government contracts based on race and ethnicity.

    The double standard has given rise to a protected class of people, in which, based on the color of your skin, you can "get away" with certian things and recieve "protections" that other people wouldn't. So where is the equality gone? I suppose this issue is too hard to comprehend, what do I know anyways; I'm just a cracker.

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    So where is the equality gone? I suppose this issue is too hard to comprehend, what do I know anyways; I'm just a cracker.
    The equality shifts around this country depending on what the people in charge believe, and what the main stream media sells! And right now minority's feel empowered by Obama and they are showing their true colors. As a matter of fact most of these people think that they are only giving it back to the Crackers or whiteys or whatever slurs they use its justified in their head because Nothing will happen to them because they are on the same page of what the people in power let them get away with. Im totally tired of Double standards ESPECIALLY Affirmative Action! But its going to keep getting worse ie Judge Sotomayoer says racial slurs and believe you me the minority's are loving it and think its OK if a supreme court nominee can say and get away with it then its OK for me too. Nothing will change unless the silent majority and the media blast the behavior and remove special benefits for and protected group. Sometimes life isn't fair, and it really can piss you off but people are waking up and will see, time will tell!
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    I hate to say it, but there are a couple of groups you can check out, the NAAWP and National Alliance. They are the white equivalent of NAACP and LaRaza.

    Frankly I wish they would all go away.
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