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    Double standard?

    I notice in all the latino business in Denver that most of the employees are HISPANIC only! Why? We have laws called affirmative action and such that Hispanic can use to sue a white or black owned business if they are discrimintaed against!

    My point? Is anyone holding these Hispanic business owners to the standard of equal employment for other races? Do Hispanic business owners seek out non Spanish speaking whites, blacks and asians?

    I don't think they do. How about Spanish television UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO? The owner of UNIVISION is a gringo named Perenchio worth about $800 million but I don't see too many white or black employees when I see the credits for Spanish newsbroadcasts!

    I thought diversity was about brining people of race together? How, when one group can speak a foreign language that divides people? They use the Spanish language to build a community within the community and why is this allowed? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I speak Spanish and my wife is a LEGAL immigrant but I see and hear so much hypocrisy with this community within the community.....I am getting so sick of it!

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    Other ways too!!

    I have always wondered about all the signs, warnings, instructions, manuals, etc... Isn't it discrimination to just offer them in spanish???!!!! What about all the other languages out there!!!??? I wrote an email to the governor of Indiana about his new appointment of a hispanic affairs person. I asked where the Polish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.., affairs person was, of course they did not respond. For that matter, where is the Caucasian affairs person!!!!! This is a blatant waste of Indiana's legal citizen’s taxpayer money.

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