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    double standards and racism.

    My story begins with me being a German citizen being raised in the US. I retained my german citizenship as a young man, so if I were to go to Europe I could work in the EU without any hassle. Pure self interest.

    When I met my wife we had no idea the torment we would go through having decided to love one another. My wife is Canadian and as such I could not sponsor her due to my German citizenship. I was ready to naturalize before this, but the situation added to my desire.

    I was going to become a citizen in '81 but as I looked at the form I was asked therein my sexual orientation. I'm not gay, but wondered what that would have to do with citizenship. Upon asking, I was told that as a gay person I could be blackmailed, and as such presented a risk to national security. Needless to say things have changed, but at that time I tossed the application in the trash. A little side story.

    My wife obtained employment in the US. She has a masters degree in medical management from Canada, at the time, 10 years experience, and her skills were in high demand. Canadians know how to keep healthcare costs down, and they outlive Americans on average by almost 2 years. You figure it out.

    We had a son, born on US soil. I applied for citizenship and we married. While waiting, my wife was laid off from her job. Upon this occurence her employer reported the change to immigration. Immigration told her she had 72 hours to leave the country or they would show to deport her. She was breast feeding our son, and the idea that you would be uprooted at such a delicate time of life, with the baby being an American by birth, was an unthinkable insult. We are white. My wife a professional. I am a fisherman by trade, but due to the situation we had to live where my wife could work so she could stay. Western CO. where we had to live, has no water and the trades are infested with illegals, so pay is poor. A bad situation for my family.

    We moved to Canada, where once again I could not work properly due to Canadian immigration constraints. I asked immigration if they wanted my family on welfare and they replied, leave your family and go back to the US. Simply a cruel notion. I asked if they thought they would enjoy doing such a thing. They said flat out, it was not their problem. I don't know where they get these people, but they are the same both sides of the border.

    Before my wife could get a job in the US(nightmare, part one) she had to return to Canada and then re-enter through customs. She went back to see her family in Toronto and did the paperwork. Despite having arranged the job and having done all necessary filings she was denied entry by customs due to they not understanding the nature of the job she was hired for. This happened in Buffalo. She was "dress down" searched and completely humiliated. I was in Denver waiting, it went on for 8 weeks. We were so in love. She finally gained entry from a woman officer who took pity on her, but even so said " I really ought not let you in" . I figure anyone that can do some good here isn't desirable. It is so outrageous.

    Meanwhile my marriage fell apart in Canada(no money, no job). I have 2 babies, girl and a boy. I am in Washington state, as my life lives across the border on an island.
    Where I live now there are illegals popping out anchor babies at a whopping rate. They are not subjected to any of the things my wife and I lived. Hell, many are on welfare AND work illegally. I am now naturalized, but to some degree I do not know what the hell for. Nothing but grief over here. Naturalglenn has lost alot, and if not for the help of loving friends I may not have survived that last 16 months intact. I am shaking as I write this at the enormity of the injustice of the events.

    Am I commited? Sure. But if this does not change, it is big world out there.
    I don't feel sorry for myself. I was just naive about how this would work and how truly unequal it has become.

    Desirables for immigration in the US are;

    A) Dirt poor illiterates. These are exploitable(by american scumbags that hire them) and the welfare state loves them, as it gives them something to do and enables them to increase your taxes with an ever increasing budget, that is justified out of the "needs" of these people. My wife and I paid our own way, and were rewarded in the story you read.

    B) Rich people that are willing to invest in America and put money in our banks. Their money is immediately taxable, and the mentality is that any money you arrive with, will end up being Americas' anyway. (BTW this don't happen, rich foreigners are WAAAAY smarter than that. They push for tax breaks immediately, and GET THEM.)

    So my sad story ends with likely divorce and estrangement, as my wife in her way, says she will never set foot in this country again. I can only hope she does not mean it. Her Dad was an American Jackson. I'm pretty sure she means it.

    America does not want professionals as they take US jobs, and then they only want professionals who come fronm the 3rd world as their expectatons are low, and are doing better here, than they might, in their own countries.

    Wake up, Murika!! Thanks Naturalglenn

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    allways aware of the hassle of leagal immigration, just reading a personal story hurts. i am well aware that since the 69 immigration act (compliments of massholeachusetts senator teddy kennedy)... the best and the brightest wouldbe immigrants are verboten.

    one of my best friends is a german national, like you raised here, and like you hesitant to renounce his german citizenship... tis a smalll world.

    as things stand in my eyes, "american citizenship" is as leagally valid as a massachusetts marrige liscence.... aint worth a spit as far as true american jurisprudence is concerned. then again, there is always a nitwit judge to say it is "valid". apparently that is how we live today.
    im from massachusetts, we are up to our eyeballs in nitwit judges; and the rest of you out there in america know it, as our paroled, released, and escaped murders and molesters are weekly returned to us.

    it is our contribution to the republic, all we have left...



    ps i need your web address, aint firing
    no fear no compromise

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