The Downside of America’s New Spirit of Civil Disobedience

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Dave Hodges
October 10, 2013
The Common Sense Show

The spirit of civil disobedience is being resurrected in the former land of apathy and acquiescence. People from every walk of life are saying “No” to their out of control federal government with increasing vehemence. But as you will see, it is not all a bed of roses. There is a price to pay for our new spirit of civil disobedience.

Ted Nugent Can Carry the Tune of Liberty

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent recently told the Associated Press thatThe government is so out of control. It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power… “The American government today will go down and the American people, it breaks my heart to say… will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind.” Nugent’s commentary is sad, but much more true than not. However, the worm is beginning to turn and even Nugent might be surprised at the rising tide of civil disobedience in the USA.

The Grand Canyon Shutdown

The Grand Canyon National Park has been closed for over a week now due to the government shutdown. Locals, whose livelihoods depend on the revenue generated from the National Park, have had enough and are speaking out through organized protest.

The Vets Are the First and Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny

Chis Cox loves the veterans enough to risk being arrested for trespassing by mowing the lawn near the Lincoln Memorial.

Chris Cox, the man pictured above, who is pushing a lawnmower, told CBS’ DC affiliate that his actions weren’t politically motivated. Instead his actions are a symbol of respect for the veterans who are set to converge in the nation’s capital this upcoming weekend for the Million Vet March.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder and director of Oathkeepers, has thrown his organization into the controversy in a very conspicuous manner as Oathkeepers recently issued a statement which encouraged all veterans to go to Washington DC and support the WWII veterans against the tyrannical enforcement of the government’s shutdown of the war memorials. Below, is an except of Rhodes’ call to action.

“Calling all Oath Keepers (and any other veterans) to back up our World WarII veterans at the Washington DC area memorials, such as the World War II memorial, the Iwo Jima memorial, Arlington Cemetary, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, and anywhere else that that the Honor Flights go.

Go there and put yourselves under the command of the WWII vets. If they want the barricades down, they should come down, come hell or high water. No WWII vet should be denied access to the Iwo Jima memorial, the WWII memorial, or to any other memorial they want to visit. For many of them, on those Honor Flights, this will be THEIR LAST TRIP to go and pay their respects to their brothers who did not make it back.

It is intolerable to let Obama block their access for his petty partisan manipulations over the govt “shutdown…”

Hey NSA, “We Can’t Hide From You, but You Can’t Hide From Us”
The following people belong to a group called the “Restore the Fourth”. The organization is protesting the NSA spy facility in Utah.
Restore The Fourth-Utah is also responsible for picking up litter on the 2-mile stretch of Redwood Road that includes the main entrance to the Utah Data Center and Camp Williams, where most of the spying takes place. they adopted the road in order to protest the NSA facility and their egregious violations of the Fourth Amendment.

Look at the faces in the crowd. The new found spirit of American civil disobedience has crossed from special interest groups like veterans to include average, everyday citizens. What we see below is a significant development in terms of average citizens standing up to the tyrannical federal government.

“We do not consent to having our Fourth Amendment right taken away by the NSA.”

The Trucker Strike

The truckers are threatening to block traffic on the Beltway and arrest Congressman for violating the Constitution.

U.S. News & World Report spoke with Earl Conlon, a Georgia trucker who is handling the logistics for the three-day protest which is to begin on the morning of October 11. According to Conlon and others participating, truckers will clog the inner loop of the Beltway and circle I-495 at the 55mph speed limit “to seek the arrest of congressmen for allegedly disregarding the Constitution.”

It Is Too Early to Celebrate

On one hand, it is exciting that Americans across the entire spectrum are beginning to speak with a unified voice. However, do you really think that the globalists, through their minions like Obama, are just going to sit back and allow the “people”, the “useless eaters”, people like you and me, take back our country? Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington and one would have to be high, or delusional, to believe that the central bankers are going to give us back our country without a bloodbath. In fact, they (the central bankers and their minions) have been preparing for this day for a long time!

They have been preparing for your awakening for a long time.

What most Americans don’t realize is that you are already living in a police state and as a result, your nation has already been conquered. We were conquered when we allowed the bailouts to go through. We were conquered when we let Obamacare pass. We were conquered when the statistics show us that, despite only having 5% of the world’s population, we have 25% of the world’s prison population. You were conquered when you allowed the NDAA and Executive Order 13603 to be passed.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, we have entered into Stage 2, civil disobedience, on the path to revolution. It will not be the American people who take this conflict to and all-out Stage 3 Revolution, it will be the central bankers as they will see this as a possibility to stamp out all opposition to the New World Order.

Has the light come on yet? DHS purchases 2.3 billion rounds of ammunition to go with their 2700 armored personnel carriers. Every federal agency is arming to the teeth. Wake up America, your life will soon change.

Remember the sequence that I have been speaking about for a year; First there will be false flag attacks, financial collapse, martial law followed by WWIII. You are entering the hard core martial law period. How can I be so sure, because this is what happens in every country, in every situation like ours. The best predictor of the future is past.

And please spare me the testosterone inspired hubris that we will have a person with gun behind every blade of grass. That is a joke, we are a soft country. The only hope for the people of this country lies in the fact that the military might revolt, but that is a long shot because Obama has rid the military of any leader who he perceives as a “pro-constitutionalist, protect the American people” kind of soldier. As a result the sell-out bureaucrats are running the Pentagon.

What will this martial law crackdown look like? That is an easy question to answer because, this too, has happened before and the pieces for our subjugation have already been put in place. More on this in the next article. I will leave you with one clue. Brzezinski recently said, “It is easier today to kill a million, rather than try to control a million.