DREAMer To Chuck Schumer: What Happened?

ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 10:41 pm on January 22, 2018

I will eventually tire of clips and quotes of liberals angrily dunking on Schumer for the The Cave Heard ‘Round the World.

Here’s Juan Escalante, a DREAMer himself, looking into the camera and asking a question Democrats have been asking themselves for 15 months now.

The Lead CNN

My message to Chuck Schumer is pretty simple: “We got to this point... what happened?” A ‘Dreamer’ who was brought to the US at age 11 asks why the Democrats “had to blink first” http://cnn.it/2DtP6iy
4:34 PM - Jan 22, 2018

Escalante’s boss at America Voice, Frank Sharry, is peeved too. Among other people:

“It’s morally reprehensible and political malpractice. It’s [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer’s job to keep his caucus together and stand up for progressive values and he failed on both fronts,” Ezra Levin, a leader of the Indivisible Project, told TPM shortly after the vote. “We’re going to be holding the Democrats accountable who caved.”…

“They grew a pair on Friday night and they couldn’t find them today,” Sharry told TPM in a follow-up conversation after the vote. “Friday night, Democrats stood together and said ‘we’re going to take on this racist bully.’ … By Monday morning they were climbing down for very little in return. Come on, Democrats.”…

“I’m so goddamn mad,” one senior aide to a Democratic senator who voted to reopen the government on Monday after voting against it on Friday. “We went to the mat to prove to DREAMers we would, without any clear plan for moving forward. And we ended up in a position where moderates realized that — too late — and forced us into giving up and reopening [the government].”

“I have no idea what the end game is here,” said the Senate aide to TPM. No? Allow me to suggest one, then: DREAM in exchange for the wall and some limit on family reunification for newly legalized DREAMers. Liberals won’t like the idea of handing Trump a political win but they’ve been gradually coming around to it, knowing that the wall is a far less onerous restriction than, say, E-Verify is. As long as they keep the major planks of Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act off the table, they can live with that compromise. Trump can certainly live with it too. He’s going to get the wall! THE WALL! What more do you want, populists?

Serious border hawks want quite a bit more but they’ll need to learn to live with disappointment. The amnesty’s a-comin’. Even Trump fan Steve King seems increasingly, if bitterly, resigned to it:

“We finally elected a president who called for the end of amnesty and he was going to end DACA at noon on Jan. 20, 2017, and we all expected that would happen without fanfare. Instead, we learned that permits were being issued. Then, he served [DACA] up as a bargaining chip” to build the wall, King told The Hill in an interview in the Capitol.

“When he sent out his tweet Sept. 5 that he was going to end DACA, that tweet was pretty clear: Get your act together, make your arrangements. It’s over,” King went on. “Then the next day, it seemed that things changed a little bit and he opened the door to negotiation” with Democratic leaders Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.).

“Now he’s for some sort of a DACA fix. And he has transformed himself as someone who’s going to restore the rule of law to the guy who’s essentially leading with a limited amnesty and trying to get enforcement on the other side of that. I said, why would you negotiate against yourself?” King said.

The president’s a waffler on his bread-and-butter issue. Committed restrictionists like King and Ann Coulter who care more about the issue than they do about Trump’s glorification can admit that. They have no choice, really; it’s the only way to brace themselves for the deal that’s coming. If I were Schumer and eager to get this issue resolved before there’s another shutdown crisis where both sides are terrified of losing face, I’d go to Trump, Schumer, and McConnell tomorrow with the deal I mentioned above. Republicans get the wall, Democrats get a DREAM amnesty, and together they hammer out which family members are and aren’t eligible to be legalized once DREAMers have their new status. Schumer would dodge the bullet of a new shutdown standoff while Trump would dodge the bullet of having to decide what to do in March about DACA if there’s no resolution by then in Congress.

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