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Thread: Drudge Report: Paul Ryan: Immigration Bills Dead, Pregnant teen surge... ENDLESS WAVE

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    Paul Ryan: Immigration Bills Dead, At Least for This Year

    By Joel Gehrke
    July 15, 2014 6:13 PM
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    Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.,) has given up on passing legislation to overhaul the current immigration system because the border crisis has poisoned the political atmosphere for such an effort, at least for this year.
    “It has poisoned it now, that’s for sure,” Ryan told National Review Online, saying he didn’t know if the legislative debate would be feasible next year. “For this session, I believe that’s right.”
    Ryan also summarized his view of how to resolve the border crisis. “The ultimate goal ought to be to secure the border, get the resources at the border that you need (and that’s where I think there’s a case for a supplemental; they’re burning through funds). But you’ve got to change the human trafficking law so that we’re not resettling people within the interior of the country, because all that does is create the incentive for more to come,” he said, during an interview after his speech at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies.
    It’s not clear if the House will pass a supplemental appropriations bill without border security provisions included in the legislation. “The question is, what all do we put in this, or do we pass a couple measures? And that’s an ongoing debate,” Ryan said.
    Ryan also defended his efforts to pass an immigration overhaul, saying that the legislation should secure the border, and having verified that it was secure, change legal immigration programs to meet labor shortages in the United States.
    “For the undocumenteds, I’d give a probationary period,” he told a group of Hillsdale College students. “I’d have people earn their way toward just a work permit by putting them on probation. they’d waive their right an appeal. They’d sign an affidavit that they broke the law. They’d pay a fine, do a background check, they’d have to learn civics, learn English — basically assimilate; can’t be on welfare, and have to work, and can’t have a criminal record, of course. They’d have to do that for five years. And until, if and until, the government gets it’s border secure and all these security measures, they can’t get out of probation until the government has done it’s job securing the border. Then, after five years, if they did everything right on their terms of probation, give them a work permit just to be able to work, just like a guest worker program.”
    Such a process would not be an “amnesty,” Ryan argued. “That took me, what, 12 sentences? That’s the problem with this stuff,” he told the students. “People say, ‘amnesty!’ No, it’s taking a problem that’s intractable, that’s been around forever, and trying to fix it in a way that as best guarantees as you can that we’re not going to be in the same [situation] ten years from now. And that really means: have employer laws that work; have a border that’s secure; and have a legal immigration system that works well.”
    Ryan said that improving a guest worker program would be critical to securing the border, because it would mean that only criminal immigrants were trying to cross illegally. None of this would take place until certain “hard triggers” regarding border security are met.
    “It’s not ‘trust, but verify;’ it’s verify, then trust,” he said.
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    Are Pregnant Teenagers the Next Group that Will Surge Across the Border?

    By Ryan Lovelace
    July 15, 2014 4:33 PM
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    “A lot” of pregnant juveniles have crossed the border into the Rio Grande Valley as part of the influx of Central American illegal immigrants, says Albert Spratte, the sergeant-at-arms of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the valley.
    “It’s not uncommon to see 16-, 17-year-old girls who are six to eight months pregnant,” Spratte tells National Review Online. Border Patrol agents do not appear to have kept statistics on the amount of pregnant teenagers traveling to the U.S., he says, but some arrive almost nine months pregnant.
    Other women arrive much earlier in their pregnancy. One Border Patrol agent working in the San Diego Sector tells NRO that the agent has not witnessed massive numbers of pregnant juveniles crossing in California, but he has run into several pregnant mothers crossing the border throughout the agent’s career. “I had one woman claim she was going into labor—we took her to the hospital; she wasn’t,” the agent says. “Doctor said she wasn’t going into labor, it was too early, but she was trying to stay to have the anchor baby.” The agent says the woman was ultimately deported back to Mexico safe and sound.
    Bob Dane, communications director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says he thinks pregnant alien minors could represent the next group of people to surge across the border. While he says he could not think of anything more dangerous to the wellbeing of a newborn child than the journey such minors would have to make, he says he thinks the trip would result in an “absolute success” for the teens. Dane says birthright citizenship represents a strong incentive for pregnant minors considering a journey to the United States, as the women know they will not be separated from their offspring.
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    Beware, sounds like a presidential aspiration speech. He surly would NOT be a preferred candidate based upon past performance, I think there are some flip-flops and those who flip-flop oft times flip-flop-flip back! Just beware.

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    That article ...

    Hundreds of cities fight back against 'invasion'...

    is about us here at ALIPAC!

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