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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
    African-Americans did not "migrate" from Africa...their own African people sold them as SLAVES!

    Africa bought Irish slaves way before we had slaves. Many Irish were NEVER found. They were beaten and raped and murdered!

    It was not one disputes that.

    Big mistake was not loading them up on a ship and sending them back to their home country. Should have done it on a voluntary basis.

    There are many atrocities that have been committed around the World.


    Republicans and the government tried to do that because they assumed that's what they wanted to do, and some did. Quite a few were returned to Africa, but most were afraid to leave, afraid of the ships, and so most stayed.
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    In 1630 John Geaween/Gowen from Luanda, Angola was an indentured servant in Jamestown Virginia. He worked out an arrangement with the farmer he was indentured to buy out of his contract early. John Geaween/Gowen is the first recorded free negro in American history. At that time free negroes were allowed to own property and to marry white woman. It was later that laws were passed forbidding marriage between blacks and whites or blacks owning property.

    As slavery took hold the laws started changing. Marriage between blacks and whites became illegal. Their lands were confiscated. Even though they were free, they found themselves subject to being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Many found themselves forced west into Tennessee and Kentucky away from civilization.
    Mysterious groups formed like the Melungeons, Lumbee, and Red Bones. Most had a different appearance and coloring. Legend said they were tri-racial. It is only recently that these groups are being studied through DNA.
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