What a show they put on today. Obama is just as slimy as he has always been and has been the worst President to hold the office, IMO.

Earnest On Obama Previously Calling Trump Unqualified: "The President's Views Haven't Changed"

Posted By Ian Schwartz
On Date November 10, 2016

JON KARL, ABC NEWS: I know you said you didn't want to relitigate the campaign but I just want to ask you what the president's thoughts are. He said just on Monday that Donald Trump is 'temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief, uniquely unqualified.' Does he still believe that?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: Look, the president's views hasn't changed. He stands by what he said on the campaign trail. He had an opportunity to make his argument. He made that argument vigorously. He made that argument in states all across the country. But the American people decided. The election is over.

The president didn't get to choose his successor the American people did and they've chosen president-elect Trump. And President Obama is determined to preside over a transition that gives the incoming president the opportunity to get a running start.