From Our Own Liberty News Team Interim President, Adly Mansour, has appointed himself Egypt’s absolute legislative and executive ruler until next year’s national elections.
Leila Fadel, NPR’s Cairo Bureau Chief told BBC News that Mansour’s executive order, signed late last evening, “Effectively makes the military-appointed President…all powerful.”
Violent Islamist forces continue to oppose Mansour’s military appointment to the nation’s highest office.
Muslim radicals loyal to deposed President Morsi, say that they will reject any Presidential decree from Monsour, calling his appointment and resulting authority – “invalid and illegitimate.”
The BBC reports that pro-Morsi forces are refusing to accept Monsour’s timetable for Parliamentary elections to take place within six months and national elections within one year.
If radical Muslims continue to challenge the legitimacy of Monsour’s rule, the Interim President could opt to invoke executive emergency powers and govern the nation under martial law in order to prevent Islamist-inspired terrorist attacks.
If Monsour decides to keep peace through military strength, as did his pre-Morsi predecessor, U.S. ally, Hosni Mubarak, he will have an enormous arsenal of American military hardware at his disposal.
Monsour has access to the same model of Abrams tanks used by American Marines, Apache helicopters used by the U.S. Army, and F-16 fighter jets used by the U.S. Air Force.
This situation presents many puzzling questions and uncertainties.
However, one key mystery is, why does Barack Hussein Obama continue to plead for President Morsi’s return to power, but blatantly violates American law to give Mansour’s Administration billions of taxpayer dollars aid?
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