El Paso, Texas to issue ID CARDS for homeless people, ex-convicts and illegals living in the city starting April 2024

11/03/2023 // Laura Harris // 850 Views

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The city of El Paso in Texas is set to implement an ID card program for homeless people, ex-convicts and illegal immigrants living in the city in April 2024.
According to a city council presentation, these ID cards aim to provide access to different city services. Such services include permits and licenses, animal control services, health services, tax office payment plans and municipal courts. Cardholders can also use them for opening a bank account, receiving medical treatment, securing housing and picking up children from school and filing police reports.
However, the IDs are not valid for driving, traveling, voting, purchasing alcohol or replacing state IDs.
"You'll see different companies coming on board and offering discounts as well as using it as an ID card, and so we're looking forward to adding some of those features in the future," said Dionne Mack, deputy city manager for quality of life at El Paso. More information about the ID will be available on the city's official website. (Related: Fox News leaks Biden's planned ICE ID card to keep track of illegal aliens.)
"We're excited to have this process move forward. It has had a lot of community engagement, a lot of research and this is a way for us to really move forward in a way that I think would be acceptable to many people within a community and also have people have this form of ID, that's really important for them in terms of the things they're trying to get done their lives," said Mack.
Residents: ID card program may compromise El Paso's safety

Privacy and security concerns have been carefully considered in the development of the municipal ID program. This may include a scannable QR code on the back to help verify its authenticity.

The types of documents that may be presented as proof of identity to get the ID card include the usual state-issued ID, passport and permanent resident card. Foreign passports, EBT cards and military discharge forms are also accepted as proof of identity.
It's important to note that state laws require verification of identity and proof of U.S. citizenship and Texas residency. Federal identification standards, such as the REAL ID system, require additional security features and strict identity verification measures.
However, the city-issued ID program did not sit well with some residents.
"I think it puts the safety of our city in a compromising position just not being able to know if that person legally has a right to be here. There are a lot of illegal immigrants that are here doing illegal things and not being held accountable for that," one resident said.
"I just think the underserved community is going to be those that are in poverty level, migrants and things like that. And [we're doing] anything that we can do to help them get services and things like that," said another resident.
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Watch this clip about El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declaring a state of emergency to prepare for the inevitable surge of illegals crossing the border following the end of Title 42.

This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on Brighteon.com.
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