Elections Are Rigged: Voters Only Ones Who Don’t Get It

by Mychal Massie
on March 8, 2016 in
Daily Rant

Elections are a rigged game and everyone knows it but the voters. They are pawns, the useful idiots if you will.

The establishment Republican hierarchy, the Rubio campaign, the GOP and the Republican National Committee, along with the shadowy “evil spirits” who assume human form during times of great fear that We the People might actually have a true say in the governance of our lives, are roaming the political landscape with the character and stench of the rotting dead.

The object of the 2016 general election has become: “STOP DONALD TRUMP” even if it means finding a way to throw the election to Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I hope you are listening to me because those glued to FoxNews and talk radio are not going to get the truth I am about to tell you.

You have been deceived and mislead and only a small few fully realize it. The others are too wrapped up in ideological partisanism to remotely understand. This last group is tantamount to those Morpheus spoke of to Neo in the movie Matrix when he said: “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

I watched former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in his role as “Grand Pooh-Bah” for the Ted Cruz campaign pontificate endlessly about why Donald Trump was bad.

What Cuccinelli and all others conveniently omit is that Donald Trump held no political office when a Republican controlled House of Representatives and a Republican controlled Senate gave Obama everything he wanted while turning a blind eye to Obama’s use of executive orders. Republican majorities did absolutely nothing about Obama’s illegal gunrunning operation called Fast and Furious. Republican majorities have done less than nothing to bring Hillary Clinton to justice. Rather just the opposite – Republicans from the top down assign status to her by proclaiming her a presidential candidate. If Republicans were doing their jobs Hillary Clinton would be at the very least watching the presidential campaigns from her prison cell where she was being held without bail for treason.

“Mom and pop television news viewer” have bought the canard of there being a two party system. That long ago ceased to be the case. We are a one party system controlled randomly by two warring factions who are committed to the same goals.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams said: “The Republican Party is facing an existential crisis. We’re covering a moving history lesson.”

The Republican Party is fighting to continue doing business as usual. They are not fighting to make a difference for you and I. They are like vampires in that everything they say, everything that they offer, everything they claim, everything that they do is intended to draw you in so they can control you as their sustenance. And still the American people as a whole do not get it.

Like Donald Trump or not he is the only person both Republicans and Democrats fear and that should tell you something if people are willing to stop and think. They may hate Ted Cruz but they hate and fear Donald Trump.

Between now and the March 15 winner-take-all primaries, “Our Principles PAC” which in factuality is absent of any redeeming principles whatsoever, and the Republicans are going to do everything they can to smear, malign, and destroy Donald Trump. It is going to be an attack that makes those on Herman Cain look like milk and cookies.

Ben Ginsberg is one of the shadowy entities the Republican establishment dispatches during their deepest times of need. Ginsberg is tasked with maintaining the status quo for them. Even those who thought they were paying attention in the 2000 presidential election have no understanding of the role he played.

Ginsburg “gave a clinic on the dark art of contesting a convention,” (which is a politically correct way of saying rigging a convention), as MSNBC co-anchor Rachel Maddow put it during the Super Tuesday post return programming. Ginsburg virtually wrote the equivalent to the “Book of Shadows” that provides interpretation of the “magical rules” that can turn an election for the establishment at the last moment.

Put as simplistically as I can, the ghostly figures the Republican establishment employs to carry out their devilish objectives will be unleashed as hounds from the very hell the establishment calls home. They will do their best to create an environment in which Trump is denied the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. Then after the first ballot of voting at the convention they will manipulate the voting to reach their necessary delegate count for Romney or Rubio in the absence of Jeb Bush. If Trump secures the requisite number of delegates going into the convention the fallback plan is to have delegates who will essentially flip. Either way they will do everything they can short of killing him to prevent Trump from winning the nomination.

These actions are only slightly more sophisticated than the machinations of election fraud that takes place in third world countries. Think what actions like these say to the world. It says that if they are willing to betray their own people how can world leaders trust them.