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Thread: The Electoral College Is Not Unfair

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    The Electoral College Is Not Unfair

    "Every election with a disparity between the popular and electoral vote brings cries to abolish the Electoral College. Aside from the fact that doing so would require a constitutional amendment, which would require ratification by states that would lose if it passed, there are several reasons why I think the Electoral College is a good idea.
    Arrow’s Theorem demolishes abstract “fairness” arguments. It says that no election rules can meet all of the following criteria that most of us would consider essential for a fair election:..."
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    We are a federation. We are not the Soviet Union. Bolshevism was a failure and only existed to serve the Communist Party. The Two Party system is what craves the elimination of the electoral college and the establishment of a "popular" vote. Even political parties must be shaped around local interests. There is not such thing as a monolithic national agenda in a nation as big as ours.
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    I heard the Census Bureau counts all the people in the States including those who are NOT citizens. Is that how CA got 55 electoral votes...TX has 35. They are delegated according to population in the State? Then this is not fair that non-citizens are counted.

    I think many people do not understand how this process works.

    Maybe not eliminate then...but updating this system should be done along with mandatory Voter ID.
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    Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions some folks have about the Electoral College Vote process:

    The Truth of the Electoral College Vs. Popular Vote

    By Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief
    Editor-in-Chief Conservative Truth
    November 14, 2016

    Why We Use the Electoral Vote. And Why it is Important.

    The Founding Fathers got this right.

    Established by our Founding Fathers in order to protect rural states, the Constitution assigns each state a number of “electors” equal to the combined total of the state’s Senate and House of Representatives delegations. House of Representatives are designated by population, which gives more populated states more electoral votes, but does not unfairly leave out rural areas. At present, the number of electors per state ranges from three to 54, for a total of 538.

    The popular vote in each state gives all the assigned electoral votes to that one candidate.
    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in only 19 out of 50 states. She only won the popular vote nationwide by 230,055.

    New York and California were won overwhelmingly by Clinton. In California a total of 8,739,715 votes were cast. 5,488,261 of those votes were for Hillary Clinton.

    The total number of votes cast in the States of Alabama and Tennessee and Arkansas was 5,320,766.

    In the 2016 election, the number of votes passed in California, only for Clinton, were more than the TOTAL votes cast for ALL candidates in Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas COMBINED!

    Here is the problem. If you look at the popular vote alone, it gives the “big city” the power of the vote and leaves the rest of the country out. Should the big cities in liberal states be determining who the President is over the farmers, rural areas, and great states that don’t have large cities with millions of people in them? No.

    Of those 5.3 million votes cast in Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas, 3.3 million were for Donald Trump. Yes, he won those states and 31 other states overwhelmingly.

    If we did not have the Electoral College, the voters in California and New York would determine who our President is, leaving many of the states without large cities with no voice at all.

    The Electoral College, Electing a President on electoral votes rather than popular votes gives a voice to rural America, gives a voice to smaller states, it gives a voice to the heartland.

    If the facts are used, and not emotional conjecture, there is no argument to be made for getting rid of the Electoral College.

    California alone should not be allowed to elect the President of the United States. That would be likely if the United States elected our President based on the popular vote.
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    Thank you for explaining this it makes sense.

    But we still need to prevent voter fraud and many people are concerned about this. I hope President Trump tackles this issue and passes a Mandatory Voter ID Law way before the next election giving people ample time to get proper ID.

    It seems corruption has run rampant in these elections and among those who have the responsibility of our voting procedures. If States are issuing Driver's License to illegals and automatically registering people to vote at DMV's than how many of the 8.7 million votes for Clinton were by illegals and fraud in CA alone? We need a better system ensuring one person is not voting multiple times, is a Legal US Citizen and is indeed alive.

    I also think we should not be aiding and abetting illegal aliens by issuing Driver's Licenses and they should be deemed Null and Void. They should not be in this Country to begin with.
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