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Thread: Eligibility Resurrected: Congress Pays Attention

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    Eligibility Resurrected: Congress Pays Attention

    Eligibility Resurrected: Congress Pays Attention

    Posted on July 15, 2013

    It’s way too late and we’ve been defeated at every turn with this, but it is certainly interesting.
    Check it out:

    The dispute over Barack Obama’s eligibility captured the imagination of the American public with stunning revelations, lawsuits, a best-selling book and, finally, the release of what was described as the “original” birth certificate from Hawaii in an attempt to silence the doubters.

    Since that time, it’s been mostly Obama’s defenders gloating and deriding anyone who questions the official narrative as so-called “birthers.”
    That might change soon, according to the lead investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse in Arizona, which was assigned to do a thorough investigation of the document posted by the White House as Obama’s birth certification.
    Lt. Mike Zullo told WND there is interest being expressed in Congress about the investigation’s conclusion that the White House document is fraudulent – an image created on a computer.

    Continue Reading on ...

    video at link below

    Read more:

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    Kathy, many of us have verified and known that this LFBC was fraudulent for quite some time. Let's pray that our congressman have the courage to take this to the necessary conclusion and tell the truth to the American people. A revelation of this magnitude would unfortunately destroy the Democratic party for generations. However, that is a small price for the liberation of our country.
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