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    Elitists can't educate in U.S. so want to try in Mexico
    Joe McCutchen
    January 11, 2014


    Is Arkansas State Univ. Chancellor Tim Hudson in violation of the Freedom of Information Act by evading delivery of a certified mail containing an FOIA which requests, among other things, all contracts, agreements, memos, & all other documentation setting forth the terms of any private entity guaranteeing funding of any campus that Ark. State University intends to operate within the country of Mexico, including the names of all persons or entities guaranteeing such funding.

    The chronology of the FOIA is as follows:

    1. The FOIA was sent by certified mail, receipt requested, December 27, 2013
    2. Chancellor Hudson’s office was notified Dec. 31st, 2013 of the arrival of the certified mail

    3. As of this date, January 11, 2014, at 1:00 PM, Chancellor Hudson had still not accepted receipt of the certified mail.

    4. It is understood that there is a period of 5 days that the school in all likelihood was closed for Christmas vacation.

    5. By law an individual or entity is required to respond to an FOIA within 3 working days of delivery.

    6. Using a start date of January 6, 2014 it has been 5 working days & no response.

    7. Chancellor Hudson is aware by means of an email sent to him and others on Jan. 3, 2014 that there was an FOI request in the mail.

    Therefore; questions arise.

    1. Are Chancellor Hudson, Governor Beebe, Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway, the A-State’s Board of Regents and the private investors playing games regarding the FOI?

    2. Is the failure to accept the FOIA another case of bureaucratic incompetency?

    3. Are the above listed individuals huddled together determining how to respond to the FOIA?

    4. Are there other possibilities for a no show in the matter of the FOIA and of course the answer is yes, but what are they?

    5. Is this a case of elitist bureaucrats & politicians bullying the middleclass in a matter that at this juncture appears to be a theft of citizen property?

    6. The United States of America ranks 16th globally in the matter of education. Among other things pertaining to the sordid state of education in the U.S. what possible justification could there be for a mediocre state institution (A-State) to embark on building a facility in a foreign land? Is the payoff cheap labor, votes, and open borders?

    7. A member of the A-State Board of Regents said that after 3 years of operation in Mexico the institution would show a profit. The fellow is surely living in rarified air.

    Why Governor Beebe’s and the state legislature’s deafening silence on this matter and why the refusal to dissect what appears to be huge constitutional and legal concerns, i.e. Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, no authority to use/share taxpayer/citizens’ property with a foreign government? And then the matter of the FOIA request lying in the dead letter box at a U.S. Post Office?

    Joe McCutchen
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