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Thread: Eric Holder Investigates ‘Racist’ Outhouse

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    Eric Holder Investigates ‘Racist’ Outhouse

    Eric Holder Investigates ‘Racist’ Outhouse

    Posted by Joe For America on Jul 14, 2014 in Culture, First Amendment, Politics

    Watch video at link:

    Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder is throwing the considerable weight and force of the U.S. Department of Justice behind an investigation of a float which appeared at the annual Fourth of July parade in the small town of Norfolk, Neb.

    Reason? The float featured a blue flatbed truck carrying a zombie-looking mannequin in overalls on the door of an outhouse labeled “OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY.”

    Nothing can escape the vigilant eye of Eric Holder and his DOJ goons – defiant in their efforts to keep the country safe.. from, uh.. satire.

    Yeah, right.

    The Justice Department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to Norfolk (pronounced “Norfork” by many locals), reports the Omaha World-Herald.

    The Community Relations Service team investigates disputes concerning discrimination.

    The Justice Department bureaucrat attended a meeting on Thursday about the float fracas. Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives of the NAACP, the town mayor and members of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the group that organizes the yearly parade.

    The man behind the controversial float, Dale Remmich, has explained that the overalls-clad mannequin in front of the outhouse represented himself — not President Barack Obama. The point he was trying to make concerned his frustration with Obama’s mismanagement of the Veterans Affairs Department.

    The kerfuffle began after parade attendee Glory Kathurima, a native of Kenya, became deeply unhappy about the float.

    “I’m angry and I’m scared,” she told a reporter from the Lincoln Journal Star. “This float was not just political; this was absolutely a racial statement.”

    It’s not clear if Kathurima has seen a Nov. 29, 2006 political cartoon by famed Atlanta Journal-Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich which shows a ratty outhouse with a wooden sign out front emblazoned with the words “Bush Presidential Library.”

    It’s equally unclear if anyone at the Justice Department has seen Luckovich’s cartoon.

    Parade committee member Rick Konopasek said the Odd Fellows only prohibit floats with morally objectionable content — like, say, nudity or sexually explicit words.


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    John Fund: Eric Holder Politicizes Justice Department

    Monday, 14 Jul 2014 06:49 PM

    Attorney General Eric Holder has radically altered the Justice Department, and not in a good way, says John Fund, a Newsmax contributor and national affairs correspondent for National Review Online.

    "If you look at Eric Holder's record, he has polarized, politicized, and racialized the Justice Department more than any other attorney general,'' Fund, co-author of the new book"Obama's Enforcer,'' said Monday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

    Fund cites a case involving the militant Black Panthers group.

    "This was a case in which Black Panthers, wearing military-style uniforms and carrying side weapons, were intimidating voters in the Philadelphia polling place.

    "The Bush Justice Department in its final days prosecuted. Black Panthers didn't show up in court. We now know that perhaps they knew the fix was in because Eric Holder basically dismissed the case with almost no sanctions whatsoever.

    "So, that was a case in which clearly if whites had been doing it, something very serious would have happened to them, versus New Black Panthers, no author of the new book, "Obama's Enforcer."

    Fund's book, co-written with Hans von Spakovsky, is published by Broadside Books.

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    Eric Holder’s Radical Past Uncovered

    OCTOBER 16, 2012 AFP

    • Affiliation with violent Black Panthers while in college may explain AG’s anti-white bias

    By Pat Shannan

    Attorney General Eric Holder’s reluctance to prosecute criminal behavior on the part of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election apparently has its roots in his own affiliation with the group as far back as 1970. While a freshman at Columbia University that year, Holder participated in a five-day, armed protest and occupation of the university’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building organized by the “Black Students’ Organization” (BSO).

    It has not been ascertained whether the AG was ever a card-carrying member of the Black Panthers. However, he was an active member on campus of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS) that released a statement supporting the efforts of 21 Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up a police station, department stores, railroad tracks and the New York Botanical Gardens.

    News stories from BSO’s defunct website show that it wasn’t the first time. Gloating over a 1968 confrontation with police the paper reported:

    “Armed with guns, the students took over Hamilton Hall, and locked the building from the inside. After some time the black students told the white sympathizers, many of whom were members of Students for a Democratic Society, to leave and contribute by taking over other buildings on campus. They did, effectively shutting down the university. The president of the university ordered the NYPD to smother the protest by force, aided by white athletes and members of the ROTC. Ironically it was the white students in other buildings who bore the brunt of the police storming. Had the police broken into Hamilton, they may have suffered casualties at the hands of the sisters and brothers inside.”

    Two years later, Holder was among the leaders of the SAAS that were demanding the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge” in honor of the early Black Muslim leader who was assassinated in 1965.

    Speaking to the 2009 graduating class at Columbia, America’s top lawman mistakenly remembered it as his “senior year,” and boasted of his participation in the movement during his college days. However, he deceitfully tempered his remarks by calling it a protest to “peacefully occupy one of the campus offices.”

    The Justice Department has not responded to a query of what kind of weapon Holder himself was carrying at the time, but his friend, Steve Sims, told a mainstream newspaper it all did happen.

    This may explain why Holder refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs, who were accused of intimidating voters with truncheons at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008.

    - See more at:

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    This is a ridiculous waste of government resources (borrowed money). I lived there 1980-88. Then it was just a small town of 17,000 mostly hard working country people and proud of being Johnny Carson's birth place. The hospital and school received many grants from Johnny. It was a town of fun loving people, they did not need this harassment from the federal government, but even without charges being brought it will change the town for the worse, not better! The worst part, the change will be the creation of racism.

    When I lived there I was selling insurance for an agency out of Omaha, and training their new agents. They sent me a black lady to train, that was a novelty in the Norfolk area, a black lady with a white man in the car. They all wanted to know what was going on, I never got through so many doors so easily in my entire career.

    Nice town,nice people, I have many good memories of Norfolk!

    Chris and I worked together many times even after she was trained. We wrote a lot of business in the area!
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