Donald Trump has officially been declared public outlaw number one by the establishment—with the entire spectrum from conservative to far left uniting to condemn him as either the anti-Christ or a second Hitler.

The Washington Post has called for a Republican-Democrat alliance to stop Trump; the NY Daily News has called him the “anti-Christ;” while the far leftist gaggle of Jews in the Southern Poverty Law Center have used Trump’s picture to headline their latest “year in hate” review.

1. From the “right” of the establishment’s political spectrum: In an article penned by Washington Post columnist—and Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University—Danielle Allen, that paper asserted that journalists ought to stop reporting on Trump, that Democrats should help Republicans to keep Trump from winning the nomination by reregistering as Republicans, and that the Republican establishment had to unite around one anti-Trump candidate.

Allen said that she had “spent my life perplexed about exactly how Hitler could have come to power in Germany. Watching Donald Trump’s rise, I now understand.”

She asserted that journalists, by covering “every crude and cruel thing that comes out of Trump’s mouth,” thereby help to “acculturate all of us to what we are hearing. Perhaps we should just shut the lights out on offensiveness . . . It is time to draw a bright line.”

She goes on to state that the Republicans cannot “count on the Democrats to stop Trump” because the “result of a head-to-head contest between Clinton and Trump would be unpredictable.”

Therefore, all the Republicans should unite behind Marco Rubio to prevent Trump from winning the nomination, because he “has no respect for the basic rights that are the foundation of constitutional democracy, nor for the requirements of decency necessary to sustain democratic citizenship.”

2. From the “center” of the establishment’s political spectrum: For its part, the New York Daily News—owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, the former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations—recently published a front page article calling Trump the “Anti-Christ.”

Observers noted that this was ironic, as the Talmud is probably the most anti-Christian book in existence, and even calls for Jesus to be boiled alive in excrement (Talmud, Gittin 56b-57a).

3. From the “left” of the establishment’s political spectrum: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a well-known Jewish-run hate group which is quoted by the controlled media as an “authority” on anything which they find offensive—from made-up Ku Klux Klan organizations to groups which promote normal heterosexual families and children—has even used a picture of Trump to headline its “Year in Hate” review.

What is it exactly that has earned Trump so much hate from this Jewish lobby-controlled establishment?

Is it because Trump is a “white nationalist?” No. In fact he has gone out of his way not to mention race, “white Americans,” or even “white voters.”

Is it because Trump has made racially-abusive statements? No. All he has done is point out that large numbers of illegal aliens from Mexico commit crime—figures which the law enforcement agencies confirm.

The hatred for Trump is not because he is running an overtly pro-white campaign—he is not.

The hatred for Trump is solely based on the fact that he is not pandering to any nonwhite group—unlike every single other candidate, Republican and Democrat alike—and is completely self-funding, and therefore not under the control of any of the Jewish mega-donors who control all the other candidates.

In addition, it is his “made-up using common sense” policy positions—on immigration, economics, tax, and so on—that the establishment finds so disturbing.

In other words, it is Trump’s independence which is the reason for the establishment’s hatred. It is an indication of how far left—and distorted—the establishment has become, that anyone speaking common sense is now labelled “Hitler” and the “anti-Christ.”

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