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    Ethnicity before everything and anything

    " a proud American of Mexican Ancestry (Chicano) I feel it is my obligation to show all this point of view. A point of view of comprehension towards both sides."

    Ahhhhh..... such a common attitude. An attitude I have not witnessed among immigrants from places other than below our southern border. An attitude I see so often, even among American citizens whose roots can be traced to the south one, two, three, and even more generations ago.

    I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and mingled with folks from around the world. Did the Koreans, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Ukranians, Russians, Latvians, Portugese, and a multitude of others hold that "ethnic loyalty" and place it before loyalty to law, America and its general generic culture? Nope....not that I EVER saw or heard or read.

    The folks from the south ARE different. Ethnicity before everything and anything seems to be the norm for many of those folks. Not all, though. BUT.....enough so that the possibility of assimilation is slight, especially at the numbers legal and illegal entrants are entering at.......millions upon millions of them.

    Thus, to preserve our own unique culture we must defend ourselves.

    For several years in other places on the Web the unique attitude of the folks from the south has been discussed and debated at great length. Why that strong ethnic identity that so often supercedes loyalty to anything other than that ethnicity?

    One sage, a student of history, proclaimed there is a lengthy history of friction between Spain, Portugal and other predominant Catholic countries and Protestant England and, to a lesser extent, other northwestern Protestant countries. Remember the Spanish Armada? The intent was to invade and conquer England, to force the populace to convert to Catholicism.

    Over the centuries there were repeated wars between the Spanish and England and, eventually, Spain and the USA and then between Mexico and the USA. Differences in culture and religion played a part in the animosity of the past and apparently continues to this day.

    Other suggestions were bandied about but no one conclusive theory was ever agreed upon.

    Whatever the root cause, listen, read, observe the actions and inactions of many of the invaders and those here legally that support them. A constant stream of "us versus them" (Americans not supporting the invasion are the "them") is readily apparent.

    Back in the latter part of the 1970s I read a book, a doctoral thesis by a student from...... hmmmm, was it University of California Berkeley? Whatever..... the lengthy work covered the attitudes and mind-sets of newly-arrived and recent entrants, both legal and illegal, into the USA from Mexico.

    While reading it I noticed how some of the conclusions the writer reached were verified by my own experiences. The "entrants" tended to be clannish, distrustful of government. Understandable due to the racist elitist government of Mexico presided over by Euro-Spaniards who viewed mestizos as below the Euro-Spaniard's status and the AmerIndians as a little less than human.

    The mistrust of law enforcement, at all levels, from the street cop to the court house, was explained by the corruption in Mexico. The mistrust of the backwards legal system in Mexico is understandable to those who study it. That mistrust followed the entrants. Just one of many differences between the entrants and the general attitude of the Norte de Americanos that helps to prevent assimilation.

    Cultural values were written about; one being the way Mexican females are subjugated by males, often viewed as property. The "cult of machismo" was also referenced along with many other differences between the bearers of the entering culture from the south (the "poor" one of Mexico since Mexico's elites tend to stay in Mexico) and the attitudes of the non-Latino non-Hispanic non-southernAmerIndian general generic culture of the USA.

    Reading that work I knew that the friction I saw between the entrants and Americans not possessing that culture was inevitable. It also explains to me the constant hostility I see towards my people, my country, my culture.

    Yet, I still am unable to adequately explain to my satisfaction the intense unlogical ethnic loyalty that prevents so many entrants from becoming part of the first-world. It's almost as if the entrants revel in their ignorance!!!! Oh, yes, the thesis did mention the very high drop-out rates from school for the entrants, especially among the males.

    One conclusion I have reached is that one can not argue, debate, engage in logical discussion with anyone who has the mind-set of "my ethnicity before anything." The non-logic used by the entrants/invaders is emotionally based and rooted in what can be considered a backwards culture...... based upon subjective opinion and omitting the warm fuzzy politically correct mantra that all cultures are equal and beautiful. To briefly support the prior statement I need only point towards which country/culture has invented the most goods that have increased the health and happines of humanity.

    Since arguing with the "ethnicity uber alles" mob is futile, I only respond to their quarrelsome emotion-laden illogical outbursts when I happen to be in the mood and typically do so in a manner I find comical. Perhaps I shouldn't make fun of lesser untrained minds but the buffoons usually come to me and not me to them.

    So, try to not become upset when the uneducated ill-trained, illogical, emotion-laden pro-invasion idjits come prancing in and try to compete mano-y-mano with their intellectual superiors. Try to be kind for their intellectual capacity is greatly hindered by their cultural upbringing and bizarre adherence to their "ethnicity before anything" mind-set.

    Or....... jump all over the blithering idiots and have a swell time berating the mental midgits whose attention span is akin to a well-trained cockatiel who can mimic human speech and perform a few basic tricks.

    You betcha'!!!!!

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    Excellent post there, obbop. A writer after my own heart

    In all actuality, it's not about race or ethnicity. Though they use that card often to pad their insecurities.

    You see, they have never had it in them to care for something so deeply that they would sacrifice their lives for en mass. The tradition has always been to wait for someone else to amass wealth and to then move in and use colonization to steal it away from them. They've never put forth the effort or had the desire to take something untamed and to turn it into something lawful, orderly and just.

    Even their war tactics have always been timid. Instead of being able to face the enemy, they are so fearful and insecure that they haven't the fortidude to fight man-on-man. Instead, they resort to drive-by shootings, ganging up ten to one because they know they aren't strong enough to handle someone on their own. It takes several against one.

    Yet they are "man enough" to rape our women, walk around in our streets making demands of us and continue to rip off elderly people who are defenseless.

    If these folks are the model of humanity and humane treatment we are to expect of them, we quite honestly are in for some very serious trouble. Without a doubt.
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    The non-logic used by the entrants/invaders is emotionally based
    That really sums up the reasoning behind their mentality. No reasonable argument will be heard or considered.

    the buffoons usually come to me and not me to them.
    You consider them fair game if they initiate the conversation?

    I'm sure you speak proper Spanish and no slang. I wonder if they look to you for validation because they recognize you as an intellect. Since you would have the presence of "Mexico's elites". I'm also wondering if that is the appeal to the leaders of radical groups, which have received American college educations. It's like the illegals are doing what they know, by falling under the control or guidance of the elite. Or are the elite in America making them feel important and thus feeding the macho crap?

    Very interesting article. I have seen everything you mentioned. The ownership of women just kills me. The other day a lady said, she has to ask her husband... I said, yea American women did that until we were granted the ability to file for divorce. American history is full of women that drank poison and killed themselves. There was no other way out.

    I really have issues with the Catholic Church. I really don't think they like women, just men and little boys. The uncontrolled breeding is making more Catholics. It's insurance that the church will continue to exist. They are conditioned to only marry Catholics and raise the kids Catholic... Also, the practice of do what ever you desire, just go to confession, when you have a chance. If not, last Rites will cover you. Don't bother having a conscience. None. The whole confession thing is a way of knowing what is going on and control by the Church, it's not Biblical.
    I brought the Church up because I think it is also part of the problem. It reflects more heard mentality, banning togehter, extreme loyalty and control form an elite. Ted Kennedy is a Catholic. Add that to the mix.

    Sorry to any faithful and devout Catholics that do not practice this way.

    Thanks for the well thought article,

    You bring up something I don't understand. The stealing. They will steal anything that is not tied to a pit bull. They will take things that are not even valuable. It's almost a compulsion. I kid you not, I opened my door one night to see a guy running past my house with a ladder. He changed shirt trying to give me the slip. Cops said he was a known theif and they kept the ladder.
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    I don't understand their desire to not assimilate. Here in Texas especially.
    Our culture has always had a lot of Mexican influence

    But a lot of groups have not totally assimilated here in America - but the difference is - they didn't expect us to change to accomodate them.

    My husband speaks fluent Spanish and was in many ways raised by Mexicans - many of them illegal. Many of the good things he does were learned working beside these people in the field.

    He loves and understands Mexican people.

    I used to help a friend liquidate estates. When I first started helping her, the flood of women and children had just begun.

    She kept telling me to watch the Mexican women and children that they would steal. I thought she was just being mean. Boy, did I get an education. The women just steal - period. The bad part is, they teach the kids to steal.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that at those estate sales, we caught at least 50% of the women actually stealing, many times with the kids helping them.

    I would tell my husband that and we actually had 'discussions' about it. He thought I was just wrong - and maybe I didn't understand. So --- I asked him to come one day and just sit and take the payments. Boy did he get an awakening. When they would come to him with an item he knew should be $10 or $20 and it would have a .25 tag on it - or when the little kids kept running outside with items to put in the car. He was thoroughly disillusioned.

    He said, "These are not the people I grew up with. These are not the kind of Mexican people I know."
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