What's Obama's real objective?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah looks at BHO's true motives, finds he's at war with America

Published: 11 hours ago
by Joseph Farah

I write this column with a certain amount of trepidation, knowing the subject not only believes he has the power to order targeted assassinations of American citizens, but has actually already misused that perceived authority.

So here goes.

I have come to the conclusion that nearly everything Barack Obama does under the color of his authority as president is designed to weaken our country economically, militarily and morally.

I don’t think I could ever make that statement about any of his predecessors – and there have been some real bad ones.

Let’s begin with his economic policies. It’s not that those policies have not worked as intended. The problem is that they have worked exactly as intended. As he told us while campaigning in 2008, it’s about redistributing the wealth. That’s what he thinks his job is. That’s what he believes he was elected to do. That’s what he thinks he has the power to do, and he fully intends to use it as he has through his first term.

Worse, he does this not with misguided idealism and benevolent intentions. He does it as socialists always do, to break the back of free enterprise, private property rights and an economy that while no means perfect is the best mankind has been able to use to uplift the poor and provide individual citizens with the incentives to be as productive as possible.

He also does it deceptively – by attacking the ultra-wealthy, corporate interests and banking establishment with tough rhetoric even while serving their interests and welcoming their contributions and support.

What about the military? How does the infusion of homosexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and women in combat roles make the U.S. military more effective? Does anyone even make that claim? Of course not. But it’s not just a wacky social experiment. It’s an active effort to undermine the effectiveness of the military. That’s the dirty little secret.

So is his misuse of the military – sending them to fight alongside Muslim Brotherhood terrorists while claiming to be fighting a war on terrorism. How about using the U.S. military to conduct targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens? Of course, he began his effort by targeting one of the least savory characters imaginable. That’s usually the way bad policies begin. But who will be next? There is no oversight for this policy. If Obama wants you dead, you get killed. It’s just that simple.

What about his efforts to fundamentally transform America’s morality, based on the Judeo-Christian ethics that led to Western civilization as we know it? His attacks on the institution of marriage, which, until very recently, he disingenuously claimed to support, once again demonstrate that what Obama opposes is the unique self-governing society under the rule of law America has attempted to be.

And now, as if to underscore my theory, he’s coming after your guns and moving quickly to extend a “a pathway to citizenship” for perhaps tens of millions of foreigners who jumped ahead of the line of millions of other would-be immigrants who followed the laws of the land in their efforts to come to the greatest country the world has ever known.

Obama isn’t stupid.

Obama is at war with America.

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