Exclusive whistleblower report from Kabul Airport. It is worse than we think

Written By Joseph Ragonese| Aug 23, 2021

KABUL: CDN has received information from a military officer on the ground in Kabul, Afghanistan. Stationed at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, he feels that Americans do not understand the gravity of the situation on the ground. His assessment? Our situation is grave, and quickly deteriorating.

The evacuation at Kabul is hampered by one crisis, after another

The first, and most important, is that there is no more jet fuel available at the airport. And none is expected to arrive. This means that the C-17 transports, and civilian airliners who are now a part of the evacuation, need to land with sufficient fuel to take off again.

The civilian aircraft must have fuel enough to fly to a base close enough to land and refuel.

Air Force transports need enough fuel to take off and then meet a refueling tanker to make it to their destination. As often as aerial refueling takes place, accidents do happen, from disastrous to minor, like a clogged refueling head. With a C-17 fully loaded with 600+ passengers, a minor problem quickly becomes a catastrophe.

Presently there are 10,000 (or so) American citizens surrounded inside Kabul.

Other estimates are that the number, not just in Kabul but in surrounding towns, is closer to 100,000. Add in the Afghanis we are morally obliged to assist and that number could be 250,00. The Biden administration has no idea of the exact number. No one does.

Reports are making their way that indicate that the Taliban is not allowing safe passage for American citizens to the airport. In fact, some who have made it to the airport stated that they were beaten by the Taliban. Once at the airport, there is complete chaos. Security forces have been unable to get things under control.

Biden and his spokesperson, Psaki, claim over and over no one is being stranded in one breath. And then suggest those that are stranded check the .gov websites. The message being that everyone must make it to the airport on their own. And you will be billed.

The cost to the world of Biden’s weak anti-American Afghanistan policies

There have been reports that ISIS sympathizers are planning an attack of some type on those inside the airport.

This may or may not happen, but it is what is being said in Kabul. However, the chaos inside the airport is only half of the problem as there is also total chaos on the flight line.

As told by the military officer,

“In order for the C-17As to perform their assigned emergency war order (EWO) evac (evacuation) mission, they must flight plan to arrive with minimum fuel to support a max Pax (passenger) load, on-load 640 (people), depart down a potentially obstructed runway, then immediately hit a tanker BINGO (low on) fuel over enemy-held territory.

“A non-functioning tanker AAR boom, boost pump, nozzle probe/latch (and) … ~700 Americans become glider Pax to an unimproved field, forced landing behind Taliban lines, no long-range CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) available for hours, no mass-casualty CSAR capability, whatsoever.”

To compound those problems, the airport no longer has functioning navigational aids, like ground approach radar, or an ILS (instrument landing system), much less a functional control tower, or en route air traffic control. There is no weather station, no maintenance facilities, no spare parts, ground support equipment, no crash recovery team/equipment/medical/emergency room, nor an array of other normal airport management that makes an airport operate.

Air Force Special Operations Command has sent in small teams of operators to handle normal air traffic control and supply weather reports.

While trained to do exactly this in a combat environment, these TACP (tactical air control party) teams are stretched to the maximum to provide these operations.

Joe Biden: A legacy of failure after only eight months (and 47 years)

As part of a TACP, their job is to capture an airport in combat and maintain it long enough to expand past the airport perimeter.

While Army and Marines are expanding beyond the airport, teams of air traffic controllers, radar and navigation specialists, and ground maintenance are supposed to arrive to turn the captured airfield into a base of operations. The TACPs job then moves forward with the infantry.

That is how it is supposed to work; however, Ole Joe doesn’t understand this and is too stubborn to listen to his generals who know it. On top of not listening to how the evacuation should be run, is Biden’s refusal to listen to his generals. Generals who stated that Bagram Air Base was a better location to withdraw from. But he ignored the advice and set American’s future in place.

Let us repeat.. Biden ignored the generals and created this life-threatening chaos.

Bagram Air Base was stocked with all the radars, navigational aids, fuel, parts, airport management, and air traffic control necessary to make an orderly withdrawal.

It was already prepared to defend, with sufficient manpower to keep an enemy at bay. Instead, he decided to withdraw, handing all of this equipment to the Taliban, and to hold the much smaller, undefended, Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Instead of maintaining an already manned, functional, and defensible airdrome, Biden has sent in 6,000 combat troops from the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. The 82d Airborne is holding the outer perimeter, and U.S. Marines have close-in security. While Air Force man the control tower, ramp, and runways.

One mistake, one negligent weapon discharge, one smuggled hand grenade, and there could be a mass blood bath on the Kabul Airfield. Remember, the Taliban and ISIS are pro-suicide Jihadists who use human bombs as weapons of war. It has not yet happened, but we are relying on murderous barbarians to keep the peace. Not what a real leader would do.

A lot can still go wrong, and Biden is holding his breath hoping that the Taliban and ISIS do not escalate the chaos already occurring at the Kabul Airport. If he is aware that his breath should be held.

The lives of upward of 10,000 Americans lie in the hands of the Taliban, those people who are now shouting “Death to America.”

What else could go wrong? As the youth of America likes to say “Hold my beer.” It is going to get worse. The humiliation, the deaths, and the loss of America’s standing in the world. It will all get worse. Because Biden is not using any of the US powers to stop it. The US could still bomb the Taliban back to the stone age from which they are emerging, wearing US military camouflage and carrying US weapons.

The only conclusion we can make is that what is happening in Afghanistan is exactly what Joe Biden wants to happen. President Trump left a blueprint – remove the people, the weapons and then blow up everything we don’t want them to have. Joe Biden ignored that as well.

Taliban fighters brandish American assault weapons left behind by the Biden administration. Fox News screen capture.