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    Texas - Occupied State - The Front Line

    Executive Order: Further Amending Executive Order 13381

    Protecting Cheney?????

    Executive Order: Further Amending Executive Order 13381, as Amended, to Extend Its Duration by One Year

    White House News

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to extend by 1 year the duration of Executive Order 13381 of June 27, 2005 (Strengthening Processes Relating to Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified National Security Information), as amended, it is hereby ordered that:

    Section 1. Section 6(a) of Executive Order 13381, as amended, is further amended by striking "April 1, 2007" and inserting in lieu thereof "April 1, 2008".

    Sec. 2. Section 6(b) of Executive Order 13381, as amended, is further amended by striking "July 1, 2007" and inserting in lieu thereof "July 1, 2008".



    June 28, 2007. ... 29-17.html
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    Must be nice to be able to live life without following the rules and laws that the rest of us have to follow. The treachory just gets worse and worse.
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    That's absolutely amazing our Congress does not stop this dictatorship !!!!

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    Bush is an man of many secrets and is determine to make his own laws.

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    Who started the impeachment of Nixon

    There is a lot I do not know. So I will not pretend.
    Who started the impeachment of Nixon?
    I really feel like We the People should be able to have Bush impeached
    If his approval is around 25% then that should mean that 75% of us don’t like the decisions he makes so what are we waiting on?
    I have a group (I will not advertise it here) but it is for the county I live in and it concerns property tax – biggest town is 8000 people and very little jobs here BUT one of the highest taxed County in Texas top 10) I have advertised my group to many other groups
    To join so we can stand against the Commissioners in the last mo. I have had 4 members,
    There either to afraid to speak against the local government or they like giving there money away. But that makes me think are the American people afraid of standing up
    To this dictatorship ( I know the people in this group are not) or what

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    I would think first they better determine which branch of the govenment he is in Maybe if he is in the Legislative Branch and not the Executive Branch he should not even have access to this material!! Has anyone determined that as of yet, or does he just get to pick depending on the circumstances.
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    I had a feeling he was going to pull this .....
    Bring back the Rotary Phone so we dont have to press*1 for*English...*

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    I'm having a very hard time.

    I have always felt that with regard to the President of the United States, it was inappropriate to say things that were "not nice". In other words, it was better to (outwardly) stand behind the President, even if he wasn't the one you voted for.

    I just felt that biting your tongue, presented America as strong and unified as I've always thought that when Americans verbally and venomously criticized our "leader"., it made the USA look bad ... weak and divided
    It's a sad day when it the leader accomplishes that and underscores it regularly.

    We need a "barf" icon.

    " Americans never quit. "* General Douglas MacArthur

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    All I can say is boosh is one sick baz tard shocked but not really...I think he wants to be Little Hitler for history>..he wants to destroy the Country...remember this is the man who called our Constitution a just a @#$ damn piece of paper...He wants a NWO for his Daddy
    We are divided ...that was his idea
    Never look at another flag. Remember, that behind Government, there is your country, and that you belong to her as you do belong to your own mother. Stand by her as you would stand by your own mother

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