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    Everybody and their brother writes a book now-a-days.

    Suppose a few ordinary Americans write a book about the world as it is today?

    The following is a synopsis (brief summary) of the subject matter.....

    Is it classified as fact or fiction?

    What would the title be? What would you suggest?

    The Rise and Fall of America? (Appropriate but...Not very original)

    Most people can agree that the world is not POLITICALLY CORRECT.

    The majority of the people worldwide are not POLITICALLY CORRECT.
    Billions upon Billions of them

    Of course they want Americans to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.

    What are they really saying when they yell DISCRIMINATION?
    STUPID AMERICANS! Run Rabbit Run........
    STUPID AMERICANS! Jump.... we reply “How high?”

    Suppose there’s a fight....One opponent plays by strict rules of conduct....
    The other multiple opponents don't..... Who Wins?

    The U.N. ....China....Russia......Muslims and their Mullahs....Whoever...are watching and waiting.

    Everybody watching the fight wants to see America.....
    Stripped of dignity and self-respect.

    THERE... It’s said! It’s Ugly! ..... It’s the Truth.

    ROUND 2.....

    They are still screaming DISCRIMINATION.... There is no one to hear...

    We are gone..... with none to mourn our demise.

    Only the carcase of American is left for them to feed upon.....................


    From the dictionary:
    discrimination >noun 1 the action of discriminating against people. 2 recognition of the difference between one thing and another. 3 good judgement or taste.

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    These days when I hear the much abused word "Racism!"

    I hear "I want something from you!"

    When I hear the much abused word "Racist!"

    I hear "I don't want anyone to believe you!"

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    My book would be called "Common Sense and the Lack Thereof...The Demise of a Nation". It would be a tragic tale about the greatest nation on earth, who in it's efforts to save the world, collapsed, and took the rest of the world with it. Realizing just a little too late, that catering to the world's loudest advocates of selfishness and stupidity would send the United States into a mindblowing death spiral. Names changed to protect the, um...innocent. All this for only $19.95.

    This is a limited time now and we'll send you two, yes two copies of "Common Sense". Keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend. But wait...that is not now and receive this free pocket fisherman!!! Makes a great gift, don't delay. Taxes and shipping not included.

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