Finger-pointing Biden admin officials blame NYC Mayor Adams for migrant crisis, say city lacks “exit strategy” for illegals

09/18/2023 // Ramon Tomey // 1.5K Views

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Biden administration officials have blamed New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams for the Big Apple's migrant crisis, claiming that the city lacks an "exit strategy" for the illegal aliens it takes in.
One senior official from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) pointed out that NYC has "no exit strategy" for the illegals that get bused from Texas. This strategy, they added, helps migrants find their way out of the city's shelter system. "It's not an operationally sound effort," the official said.
A second federal official also shared their thoughts with NBC News. They remarked that concerns regarding the migrant issue in NYC could overshadow accomplishments made by the Biden administration on immigration and other issues.
According to the first official, the DHS sent an "assessment team" to scrutinize how the Big Apple is handling illegal immigrants back in August. The endeavor produced a report, though the DHS has not made it publicly available as of writing.
In response, the Big Apple's government complained that Washington, D.C. fails to support the city adequately. NYC Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom complained on Sept. 13 that her colleagues are having to handle a "disproportionate share" of migrants without adequate financial support from the government.
"Our municipality, and a couple of others across the country, have been asked to handle a disproportionate share of what is clearly a national issue," she told a press conference held that day. According to Williams-Isom, there are currently more than 112,800 migrants housed across the city's 218 temporary accommodation sites.

"I keep reminding everyone that no matter how well we do to get people out of the system – if we have that amount of people that are continuing to come through the front door, it is going to be hard to keep up."
Adams warns that migrant crisis will DESTROY NYC

The Daily Mail described the federal officials' comments as recent examples of President Joe Biden's inner circle "passing the humanitarian issue like a hot potato to local officials who, in turn, shunt responsibility back to the White House."
For his part, Adams warned that inaction toward the problem would ruin everything for the city under his leadership.
"Let me tell you something, New Yorkers. Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don't see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City," he said, stressing the last four words. (Related: NYC Mayor Eric Adams admits mass illegal immigration is inherently destructive for the Big Apple.)
According to the former police officer-turned-city mayor, a "broken" nationwide immigration system and Republican states busing illegals from their territories also contribute to the problem. But he also took aim at the federal government, saying: "We're getting no support on this national crisis."
In response, the federal government is mailing Adams' office a $100 million check. However, Williams-Isom said the amount will only go a small way to plugging the $12 billion projected cost of addressing the migrant crisis by 2025. "With the $12 billion looming ahead of us we have to make sure that we are prepared though," she said.
Kayla Mamelak, a spokeswoman for Adams' office, also echoed calls for the federal government to do more. "We cannot continue to work to solve a national crisis that the federal government has refused to take meaningful action on," she said.
"We have opened more than 200 emergency shelters; have spent more than $2 billion to date; and expect to spend $5 billion this fiscal year alone without substantial aid from our state and federal partners. NYC has far passed its breaking point, and we continue to call on our federal partners to expedite work authorizations; declare a national state of emergency; create a decompression strategy; and lead on this national issue."
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Watch this Fox Business clip about NYC Mayor Eric Adams' warning that the migrant crisis will destroy the Big Apple.

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Finger-pointing Biden admin officials blame NYC Mayor Adams for migrant crisis, say city lacks “exit strategy” for illegals –