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    Fire Mary Peters Campaign

    Called on Carpet for Breaking the Law

    Hoffa: Mary Peters Shows 'Shameless Disregard' for Congress

    Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa explains the Teamsters opposition to Mexican Truck program and takes questions on CSPAN's Washington Journal.

    Mary Peters has until March 11 to get on the right side of the law.

    That’s the day the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on her illegal pilot program to open the border to Mexican trucks.

    BLOG: Keep the Pressure On!
    We're gaining momentum! So far more than 8,400 letters have been sent to Congress and another 117 letters were sent to editors of local publications. This is excellent work ... but we have only just begun.


    Watch the 9th Circuit Courthouse Rally Video
    Rally Photos
    Keep Those Cards And Letters Coming!
    When 500+ Teamsters Talk — The Media Listens
    Just How Safe Are Those Mexican Trucks?
    Good Morning DOT Workers, Let's Fire Your Boss!
    Mary Peters: Lawbreaker

    Lots more at this link....Fire Mary Peters
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    March 11 is right around the corner. I'm chomping at the bit now to see how fast the door will slam behind her!!
    From the Border Movie:

    I will not sell my country out ~ I WILL NOT!
    I'd like to see that pride back in AMERICA!!!

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    Well, if we are going to support the Teamsters in their efforts against Mexican trucks---they need to support other groups struggling against the incursion of illegals. As long as they are going merrily along with the overall program of organizations like the AFL CIO and Change to Win coalition why should we help them?

    Individual locals of the Teamsters have been signing up undocumented drivers. That sucks!
    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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    Lets make sure that MARY goes!!!!!!

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    I agree THIS dame NEEDS to be PINK-slipped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joazinha
    I agree THIS dame NEEDS to be PINK-slipped!

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    2 things:

    1. Fire Peters NOW!
    2. Teamsters: stop your support of amnesty for IAs (NOW!)
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