This is a mess.

In Texas, we have a Muslim which operates a lot of charter schools.

Thanks to all who want 'vouchers' or 'school choices', we will see more and more of this.

The American people created our education system. Because the government has allowed nutjobs to put any insanity they want into our schools and they are failing, they now want to say it's failing - so you can leave - and we'll pay you to do so.
A lot of poor disillusioned people think their children will be able to take advantage of this, but realistically it's impossible. Realistically, it will be the wealthy, the well-connected, and a lot of 'minorities'. Then, of course, each religion is going to start it's own charter or private school - now funded by American taxpayers.

But it's a win-win, for everyone but the average American. Politicians get to pretend they are doing something for the average American, when in fact, they are putting most in a worse condition than before. They get to curry favor with the wealthy, the religious, and pay offs to their contributors.

Not a fan of uniforms - dress code, yes. Uniforms in private schools seems OK. To make all children in a public school dress the same, has always conjured up pictures of communism,etc.