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    Former Navy Commander Against the Dream Act ... IXUQQ.cspx

    EDINBURG - A former Navy Commander in the Valley believes the Dream Act would take away opportunities for students who are US citizens.

    Mike Braun says he's not against the Dream Act in principal but he thinks the version that lawmakers voted for two days ago is broken.

    Mike Braun has lived a full life before going back to school. He was a former navy commander, a hospital administrator. Now, he is a student at the University of Texas Pan American. He say any undocumented students that may be in some of his classes don't belong there. It's one of the reasons he doesn't like the Dream Act...
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    Anyone who supports the Dream Act is someone willing to sell out their own kids for another race-based vote. Our kids are having a hard enough time getting into college because of almost 700,000 foreign student visas issued every year and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and anchor babies stealing the education seats of US citizens, usually under a minority student advantage of one type or another. This MEANS, illegal aliens are stealing the seats of our minority US citizens that the laws were written to help!

    How can this be? How can a Congress, a President and churches and educational institutions support a law that by design cheats minorities of the United States?! It's just outrageous and all minority groups in the US that represent minority citizens should be on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs "KILL THE DREAM ACT, DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS".
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    They are screaming to the top of their lungs to deport illegals, literally. On youtube type in "black americans illegal immigration" and you will see. However, like with all other Americans our government reps refuse to listen to them.
    "Mother Sick of Sending Her Child to A School Overflowing With Anchors and Illegals!"

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