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Thread: Former Trump Adviser: Mia Love, Tom Cotton Possible VP Picks

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    Former Trump Adviser: Mia Love, Tom Cotton Possible VP Picks

    Friday, June 24, 2016 05:33 PM
    By: Todd Beamon

    Utah Rep. Mia Love and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton might be possible vice presidential picks for Donald Trump, a former aide to the presumptive Republican nominee said in a radio interview.

    "The two people I think you should look at — and these are unorthodox," Michael Caputo, who quit the Trump campaign on Monday, said Thursday in response to a question by Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade. "First is Mia Love, the congresswoman, somebody who is an African-American leader with really bright ideas and an ability to communicate."

    "Is there a relationship there?" Kilmeade asked.

    "There is," Caputo responded. "People are looking at her.

    "There is an incredible opportunity for the Republican Party."

    In 2014, Love, 40, became the first African American to be elected to Capitol Hill from Utah. The former mayor of Saratoga Springs, she also is the first black female Republican in Congress.

    Caputo resigned after poking at Trump's firing of campaign manager of Corey Lewandowski on Twitter.

    He prefaced his comments to Kilmeade by saying: "I was never in those discussions. Those were above my pay grade."

    Regarding Cotton, who also is in his first term, Caputo described him as "a heck of a guy. His backstory is something.

    "As a veteran, here is what I love about Tom Cotton: He graduated from the Ivy League then enlisted in the Army.

    "They said we will make you an officer now and he said, 'nope, I want to enlist.'

    "That’s the guy you want as your vice president," Caputo said. "They are looking at him."

    Cotton, 39, is a graduate of Harvard University and has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also has been a member of the House of Representatives.

    Trump himself said Thursday that Cotton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were "high on the list" of vice presidential candidates.

    "I do have a lot of respect for those two guys," the billionaire told radio host Hugh Hewitt.

    Caputo told Kilmeade that he did not know whether Trump knew either Love or Cotton, "but I do know their names are being talked about."
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    Mia love is a horrible choice! She supports amnesty and opposes the deportation of illegal immigrants. She also supports the SKILLS Act, which makes it easier for employers to offer foreign students more green cards and H-1B visas. The only reason I could envision her getting selected would be because she is a black woman. Sorry, that's just not a good enough reason.

    Tom Cotton does oppose amnesty and has a career report card grade of B+ with NumbersUSA. However, he did vote in favor of H.R.2146 to grant the President authority to expand immigration levels without Congress' consent via Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).

    Of the two, Cotton is the better choice. Honestly though, I'd like to think we could do better.

    So far I'm hearing a lot of bad or questionable VP considerations. So far Sen. Sessions is the only VP candidate under consideration that satisfies me. Of course in the PC environment we find ourselves in lately, I'm just not sure how broad the support would be for two old white guys. That is a shame though because Trump/Sessions could turn into a dream ticket for us.
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