Abraham Lincoln is memorialized in US history as our "Civil War" president for presiding over the bloody battle that pitted American brother versus American brother in the 1860s.

Move over, Abe! George Bush make take your place in history by presiding over TWO civil wars.

The first GW- Bush inspired war is 8,000 miles from home, as Iraqis kill each other for the privilege of ruling that Allah-foresaken hell hole. Lincoln's war, though difficult, never involved the conflicting religious, political and cultural divides that Bush faces in trying to force American democracy down the throats of Muslims distrustful of a Christian cowboy from Texas addicted to middle- east oil.

While Lincoln's civil war was waged to end slavery, George Bush appears intent on staring a civil war in the US in order to sanction enslavement of millions of third-world peasants from Latin America. The objective? Provide cheap labor for Bush's business cronies and big money donors.

There is an element of compassionate conservatism to Bush's plan, however, as American taxpayers would be required to foot the bill to provide education, health care and other vital services to Latin slaves. Some compassion, huh?

Quite logically, most Americans are opposed to the Bush enslavement plan and simply want their country back from illegal aliens.

Do not enslave them, simply deport them! is the new rallying cry.

Once again, George Bush is a compassionate conservative----- except when it comes to American interests and the American people