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    GET OUR message out to the GENERAL PUBLIC - Awaken them now

    We need a STRONG organized recruitment drive to reach the core of the American public.

    Just as the La Raza types are trying to get more Mexicans/Hispanics/etc. to become voting citizens, we must fortify ourselves and awaken our PEOPLE to the dangers.

    We need to get the MESSAGE out to more of the general public - our friends, neighbors, fellow workers, family etc.

    They dont get it. They dont understand we are fighting for the VERY future of our country and the well being of ourselves (in our old age) and that of our children and our forthcoming generations.

    I dont want the USA to be a Mexico like 3rd world country 30 years from now.

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    I couldn't agree more .

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    we have to replace P.C. with patriotism again. this is a very generous country and yet i've heard so many people say what an evil country the USA is, especially the hollywood types. we need to get more people to stand with us and protect what is ours.

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    Unfortunately we hae to take baby steps but today was a big-boy step! I truly think the sleeping giant has awaken. As I told someone at work today when they asked why I was so driven, I stated that if I didn't do it, who would. They took a breath and realized they too had to get involved.
    To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men. Abraham Lincoln

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    I so agree with you too. We saw how NumbersUSA membership grew by leaps and bounds. I fully expect that with alipac as well.
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