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    Get out your violins,casualties of War on Illegals

    Casualties of America’s Housing Bust"
    From the NY Times:

    Some of the casualties of America’s housing bust are easy to spot up and down California’s Central Valley.

    From Fresno to Sacramento, big tangles of wire and PVC pipes clutter vacant lots in silent subdivisions, waiting for houses to be built — some day. Dozens of “For Sale

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    Maybe it's time to pack up and go home.

    There are plenty of skilled construction worker here in America that will pick up and do the job at a reasonable wage, just waiting for the chance.

    At a living wage of course, so we don't have to subsidize their wages with our welfare programs.

    The new houses have not been cheaper, so someone's making out.

    About time they cut their profits. We are tired of them reaping in the huge profits at our expense.

    One PO'd taxpayer.

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    I've noticed that farmers haven't been complaining about the lack of workers very much lately.This article tells why.The former illegal construction workers are changing their vocations to field hands.Still illegal,of course.

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    U.S.A.- for legal citizens, not illegals!
    The illegals shouldn't be here in the first place.
    The National Council of LaRaza is the largest*hate group.

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    Hey, maybe these "skilled" laborers can rebuild the southern area of Mexico that got hit by the flooding!!!

    No more work needed building houses in the US, so take them skills south of the border, lots of cheap laborers needed there.
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    maybe they should go home and use those skills to build a better mexico with all the (MOD EDIT) money we send them, millions of dollars thanks to the president.
    Proud to be an AMERICAN

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    koobster - the most recent estimate of remittances that I've seen to Mexico alone in the last year is approx $50 billion.
    Then, add up more for the rest of Central, South American, and viola! - it's almost like real money! (to borrow from Yogi Berra)
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