Glenn explains the real endgame in Syria

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013 at 3:40 PM EDT

After boldly declaring yesterday that the United States would not survive a war with Syria, this morning on radio Glenn explained why he believes the Obama Administration is so desperate to get involved.

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“Russia says we are on the eve of war. Russia is currently saying that we will strike Syria by Thursday. Don’t know if that’s true or not,” Glenn said. “I know that the Australian papers came out yesterday and said that the President was reaching out to the Western Allied powers and convincing them that we had to stand against Syria and we had to go in. It doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Who in the region will benefit most from Western intervention?

Glenn contends it is Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The ones that will benefit the most from our action, the ones who are fighting Assad Al Qaeda. The ones who will benefit, al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood,” Glenn said. “I have been trying to figure out who wins, how does this possibly work? I mean, what is wrong with us?”

Glenn believes this situation has very little to do with war and very much to do with implementing a new world order. After speaking to a friend of his who is deeply familiar with the situation, Glenn realized this isn’t about war. It’s about what comes after war.

“This isn’t about war. This is about peace. It led me back to remember what the progressives did in World War I. They weren’t talking about World War I,” Glenn said. “What they were talking about was the end of the war: What would Europe look like at the end? Sure we’re going to have to break a few eggs.

We’re going to have to kill some people. It’s going to be a horrible thing ,but we can fundamentally transform all of Europe in this war.”

“I’ve told you before that war comes at the end of dark periods in an empire’s life, a final blow comes. And what happens is those who are still hanging on, they do two things to them,” he continued. “We wear them out with war or you kill them with war, but you wear them out. And you get them so fatigued that they will accept because they can no longer remember what we really even looked like by the end of it. They will accept whatever it is at the end. That’s what happened in Europe both times. They were just so tired of it, they accepted it.”

“I hope I’m wrong on this. I probably am wrong on this. But it is far more plausible to believe this than it is to believe that anyone with any kind of common sense believes that the United States getting involved in Syria – against China, Russia, and Iran,” Glenn said. “Against all common sense we would get involved where it would aid and abet our enemy of al-Qaida and the world’s enemy of not just al-Qaida but also the Muslim Brotherhood. I’m sorry, but this crazy, crazy theory is more plausible than the one those in Washington would have you believe.”