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    Quote Originally Posted by LegalUSCitizen
    Coto, did Laura Ingraham say this ? Because if she did, Bush/Cheney must be shaking in their boots for Laura to say this to them.
    Hi Legal US Citizen,
    Those were my words. But Laura does a better job, so listen to her audio clip if you haven't already.

    Quote Originally Posted by nntrixie
    These elitist think they will be 'up on the mountaintop' with the rest of the movers and shakers.
    Hi nntrixie,

    I think you're right on target with the transformation of the USA into regions subjugated under the NEW WORLD ORDER - or, more precisely THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

    Senators and other elected officials who will serve globalism (to the detriment of US citizens), believe that a bright future awaits them even if they lose the next election. That bright future (they would believe) will be a high position in FULL GLOBALISM and eventual ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE. What they don't know, is that THE NEW WORLD ORDER will be commanded (dictated) out of Bangalore, India. They ought to know it, because they are feeding the big power shift to Bangalore.

    The USA (a combined USA and Mexico) will be directed by Hillary Clinton who has already made friends with the elete in the Tata Empire of Bangalore. Hillary's institution of MARTIAL LAW will silence "mean spirited patriots" like myself.

    We're also going to see WAGE EQUALIZATION - " a 'great' leveling-down of wages" to conform with India's dalit wages (another little present from Hillary).

    Furthermore, the elitists who think that a high global position awaits them, are fools, because they are NOT members of the Brahmin Caste, and they are not even Shudra under the Hindu CASTE System.

    You can bet your paycheck that the NEW WORLD ORDER will be controlled out of Bangalore.

    If you think I'm crazy, let me know, and I'll dig out Dr. Thomas Ice articles and a long list of URLs that substantiate this.


    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    Re: Globalists Won't Mind Losing the Election

    Quote Originally Posted by Coto
    Globalists Politicians in Washington Won't Mind Losing the Election

    Their dedication to:
    1. illegals[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    2. Their lunatic fringe backers[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    3. The COMMUNIST front organizations[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    4. The Marxist organizations[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    5. The Drug Dealers[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    6. The Felony Criminals[/*:m:10tewwbd]
    7. and the mob backers[/*:m:10tewwbd]

    far exceeds their own political career goals,
    and they're willing to get voted out, to serve the illegal alien cause.

    Laura Ingraham reveals that globalist politicians know where the voters stand and they DON'T CARE - they don't mind getting voted out of office.

    Hear it straight from Laura, run the audio file at this website: ... w?pid=2319

    To globalist Republicans and Democrats alike, the welfare of the illegals and their backers is their highest priority in life. These elected officials don't represent Americans - they represent foreign nationals to the detriment of Americans.

    These globalists are waging war against their own country, by using the old former soviet "boring from within" policy. These cold blooded traitors are content to do as much damage as they can prior to the election.
    Now that illegals are voting they can win
    Free Ramos and Compean NOW!

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    They wanta vota COMMUNISTA!

    Quote Originally Posted by NoIllegalsAllowed
    Now that illegals are voting they can win
    Hi No Illegals Allowed,

    Uh, yeah, given the mass voter registrations during the [Communist inspired] mob demonstrations... Strong point, NoIllegalsAllowed, there was a graphic over in the pictures forum urging illegals to vote Democrat. Exit polls from past elections [gasp!] showed that illegals block voted Democratic in California.

    Ok, NoIllegalsAllowed, all that's nothing new. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that Republicans who think that groveling to illegals is gonna win them illegals' votes - they are smoking dope!

    Okay, okay, that's supposed to be good news, right? Ahem, cough, cough, choke, cough. The illegals are gonna block vote HILLARY in - after all they wanta vote Communist, right? Well, their handlers want em to vote COMMUNIST, so Hillary's their candidate.

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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