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Thread: GOP Lawmaker: Brexit an ‘Anti-Insanity Vote’

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    GOP Lawmaker: Brexit an ‘Anti-Insanity Vote’

    24 Jun 2016

    The British people’s decision to leave the European Union (E.U.) was an “anti-insanity vote” allowing the United Kingdom to regain control over its sovereignty and borders, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

    “I think the vote on Brexit was an anti-insanity vote. They’ve been allowing the European Union to force them to take people who are a threat to them,” Gohmert said during an appearance on Fox News Channel. He was tying Thursday’s Brexit vote to the “insanity” of House Democrats staging a sit-in on the House floor over gun violence in reaction to the Orlando terror attack — carried out by an Islamic radical.

    Gohmert explained there is a similar feeling in the U.S., where Americans feel their government is not working for them and ignoring the true threats to their safety.

    “That’s why [Donald] Trump is so popular, people are sick of it,” he said.

    The Texas lawmaker argued that the unfettered influx of Syrian refugees “played a part” in driving the Brexit vote in the U.K.

    “People want leadership that is using common sense and the European Union has been saying, ‘Hey,’ – like [Angela] Merkel in Germany – ‘We’ll take all comers.’ And there is this mass refugee surge into Europe and England, since they’re part of the European Union, any of the Syrian fighters, the ISIS warriors that come in as they say they are. They have to take those.”

    Gohmert compared the E.U. to the U.S. federal government, saying that just like the U.K.’s relationship with E.U. leaders in Brussels, the states are “sick of the stupid decisions being made” in Washington, D.C.

    “There is the wrong prescription and wrong diagnosis being made here in America,” he said. “The Islamic State is at war with us and it’s high time we got after the enemy.”
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    GOP'ers and entrenched Democrats better realize that this is their wake-up call because populism will blow across the US in November and thereafter until many are unseated for those that want to represent the peoples will.

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