[GOP Rep: ICE Director Lied Under Oath

25 Oct 2014

On Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel, Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) accused then-ICE Director John Morton of lying under oath when he told Congress that illegal immigrants released by the Obama administration did not have serious criminal records.

“[House Judiciary Committee] Chairman [Bob] Goodlatte (R-VA) had made him [Morton] stand up, take an oath, swear that he'd tell the whole truth. You heard what he said, and now the facts [are] disputing [his testimony]. He was just lying to us in that hearing” Forbes declared.

He added, “they weren't blind-sided with this question. My staff had asked them this question almost a month before, so they had plenty of time to prepare for it, and then they came back in and still lied to us about it.”

Forbes also rebutted claims by ICE that the illegal aliens’ release was “dictated by special circumstances outside of the agency's control,” stating “they didn't tell us that ‘we released these individuals, and there was some sort of special circumstances.’ They only made that up after the fact. The second thing is, you know how tough it is to get some of these people anyway, charge them or convict them with crimes, and they just unilaterally released them back. Aggravated felonies back into our communities…they acknowledged that they were releasing gang members back. Didn't even know whether they were releasing them or not.”

He asked “which one frightens you the most? That they intentionally did it and lied about it? Or they didn't have a clue who they were releasing back into the community? Either one is very, very dangerous.”

Forbes vowed to talk to Chairman Goodlatte about reviewing whether Morton committed perjury, and stated “I hope that he'll look into this, and perhaps we bring charges, at least get some answers as to why, as you mention, this wasn't perjury, and again, just a false misrepresentation to the Congress of the United States.”