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    Grand Jury Gang Investigation in Fl

    Enforce immigration laws and there will less gang problems. There would definitely be less Hispanic and Haitian gangs and as percentage of them are here illegally. There has also been many gang problems in agriculture areas due to illegal farm workeres bringing their kids here with them.

    Grand jury will investigate gang activity

    TALLAHASSEE -- (AP) -- The state Supreme Court has ordered the convening of a statewide grand jury to investigate gang crime, which police say is on the rise in Florida.

    Gov. Charlie Crist asked the court to impanel the grand jury, which will be presided over by Circuit Judge Kathleen J. Kroll in West Palm Beach.

    Crist said Wednesday he was concerned about reports of rising gang activity, although officials say the evidence of it is so far mostly anecdotal. Still, crime data appears to show a rising incidence of gang-related crime, said statewide prosecutor William N. Shepherd.

    Shepherd said the panel will take a big-picture approach, trying to hit the large-scale gang activity more than individual acts.

    ''There's no doubt that there are local gangs that hang out on street corners, but the real problem that we want to target are the . . . multioffender, organized crime gangs,'' Shepherd said.

    The grand jury, which will sit for one year, is directed to investigate organized criminal activity anywhere in the state, ranging from burglary, prostitution and robbery to drug dealing and child pornography rings.

    ''The statewide grand jury will help us better understand gang behavior in the state of Florida, how it's affecting our state and how we can curb it,'' Crist said.

    The members of the grand jury will be selected from a swath of Florida running from the southwest part of the state across the peninsula to Broward and Palm Beach counties, but they will be able to look into crimes that have occurred anywhere in the state.

    Shepherd said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is compiling statistics on how much gang crime there is in Florida, but that so far, no hard, definitive numbers are available that show exactly how much crime that is clearly gang-related has increased.
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    If brother Bushpile was still Governor of FLA, this investigation wouldn't even be happening. I believe Governor Charlie Crist is a good man.
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