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    Greece: Teen stabbed to death by Afghan migrant on Lesbos

    Greece: Teen stabbed to death by Afghan migrant on Lesbos

    By Arthur Lyons 9 April 2020

    A teenage Afghan migrant living near the Moria reception center on the Greek island of Lesbos was stabbed to death by a 20-year-old Afghan not far from the camp’s north gate on Wednesday morning.
    Despite being raced away to the island’s Mytilene Hospital by emergency services shortly after the attack had occurred, the 16-year-old Afghan was pronounced dead by upon arrival, according to a report from the news portal Greek Reporter.
    Shortly after the fatal stabbing, intense violence erupted between migrants staying in the youth section of the Moria camp. The clashes resulted in four additional underage migrants having to be whisked away to the Mytilene Hospital, where two were deemed to have suffered serious injuries by healthcare workers.
    The 16-year-old who was stabbed to death is said to have been a member of an Afghan family of six which lives in a cabin outside Moria’s primary camp.
    Police have yet to find a motive for the brutal killing.

    The Moria reception center – Greece’s largest camp for migrants and asylum seekers – currently houses roughly 25,000 people, with thousands more sleeping outside the camp’s gates in tents. For months now, the camp that was originally built to accommodate 3,000 people has been severely overcrowded. Outbursts of violence have become commonplace at and around the camp.
    The situation at Moria camp, which for months has been tense to say the least, has only worsened during the global coronavirus pandemic. Days ago, a video was released which showed a large group of Afghan migrants armed with large sticks and other weapons disobeying social distancing measures. Shortly after, another video surfaced of a group of 50 or so migrant men from Moria ridiculing police officers who attempted to tell them to return to their homes.

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    Mass deportation needs to happen to stop this invasion.


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