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    Harry Reid Labels Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Amidst Questions of Cronyism

    Harry Reid Labels Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Amidst Questions of Cronyism & Complicity in Bundy Ranch Seige
    By: Jay Syrmopoulos Apr 18, 2014 10

    Las Vegas, Nev., April 18, 2014- In a sensationalist move Senator Harry Reid has labeled supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” during an event held in Las Vegas on Thursday.While speaking at the ‘Hashtags & Headlines’ event, Reid called Bundy supporters:

    “Nothing more than domestic terrorists” saying,“I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”He accused the Bundy supporters of inciting violence claiming, “There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” adding, “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

    These claims were made in reference to the standoff, reported on by us last week, in Clarke County, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch, in which the feds brought in over 200 armed agents with sniper teams to confiscate cattle, allegedly due to unpaid grazing fees. Perhaps Senator Reid had forgotten that the only violence that commenced during the standoff was when BLM agents tazed Bundy supporters, threw a 57-year-old woman recovering from cancer to the ground, and attempted to allow a dog to attack a pregnant woman.

    The mischaracterization of the Bundy supporters as “domestic terrorists” is the continuation of a narrative that has been forwarded by the federal government for a number of years. First there is the MIAC report, which claimed that potential terrorists include people who own gold, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, and even people who fly the U.S. flag. Then in 2012 there was a leaked Homeland Security study that claimed Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty,” and “suspicious of centralized federal authority” are possible “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

    Reid has promised that the BLM fight with the Bundy family is “not over.” Perhaps his possible complicity in the BLM siege that has been reported extensively, questions of cronyism, as his longtime senior advisor Neil Kornze was confirmed by the Senate last Tuesday as the Director of the BLM, along with his involvement in the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project, which is about 35 miles from the Bundy homestead in Bunkerville, Nevada, is causing him consternation.

    Many news outlets have attempted to mitigate the situation by claiming the Chinese owned ENN solar deal, brokered by Reid’s son Rory, was shelved, thus laying the issue to rest. This is disingenuous to the facts, as the BLM has attempted to cover up by deleting documents from its website that shed light on the agency’s “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.”

    In a BLM press release on March 14, it was announced that “The BLM’s current action builds on the Western Solar Energy Plan, a two-year planning effort conducted on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy to expand domestic energy production and spur development of solar energy on public lands in six western states,” adding, “The Western Solar Energy Plan provides a blueprint for utility-scale solar energy permitting in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah by establishing Solar Energy Zones with access to existing or planned transmission, incentives for development within those Solar Energy Zones, and a process through which to consider additional Solar Energy Zones and solar projects.” It goes on to state, “The Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone is the first of several pilot plans to be developed by the BLM.”

    Although the current Moapa Solar Project is 35 miles away, the BLM, acting under Sen. Reid’s interests, want Bundy off the 600,000 acre Gold Butte area so they can use the land for future projects. As more facts come to light, it sounds less like the Bundy supporters are “domestic terrorists,” and are much more readily described as concerned citizens waging a protest against a Senator’s corrupt interests and crony capitalism.
    Read more:
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    Radicalization Clusters? Geographic Concentrations of Violent Extremism and Terrorism in the United States

    Amy Adamczyk
    Brent Smith
    Joshua Freilich
    Kelly Damphousse
    Kevin Fitzpatrick
    Paxton Roberts
    Steven Chermak


    The project team will engage in a number of efforts in two general categories: (a) identifying geographical clusters of violent extremism and (b) exploring underlying structural factors and characteristics of communities where such clusters have existed. The project will use data from both the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) and the American Terrorism Study (ATS) to accomplish these tasks. The resulting data will be assembled in a single relational database to facilitate future research on which of these factors relate significantly to the emergence of clusters of violent extremism and will be designed to be integrated to other relevant data collections, including the Terrorist and Extremist Violence in the United States database.

    Primary Findings:
    This project involved related sub-projects:

    1. Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970-2008, involving Gary LaFree and Bianca Bersani, identified 65 (out of 3143) counties in the United States which experienced more than 6 terrorist attacks between 1970 and 2008, classifying these counties as "terrorist hot spots." Among these counties included large urban centers (including Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Miami-Dade) as well as more rural counties (Dakota County NE, Harris County TX). A close look at data on the nature of this terrorist activity reveals that there are different hot spots for far-right terrorism, far-left terrorism, nationalist terrorism, religious terrorism, and single-issue terrorism around the country. The research team found significant correlations between the frequent occurrence of terrorism and the frequent occurrence of ordinary crimes in counties around the country, but the correlation is not perfect: Terrorism does occur in counties that otherwise experience low rates of criminal activity. Other county-level characteristics significantly and positively related to the occurrence of high levels of terrorism included residential instability and language diversity.

    2. Characteristics of American Communities Where Terrorists Lived, Planned, and Conducted Their Attacks, involving Brent Smith, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Paxton Roberts, and Kelly Damphousse: This research involved an exploratory examination of the characteristics of communities in which persons involved in American terrorism over the past 20 years lived, planned, and conducted their activities. The project focused upon identifying characteristics of U.S. census tracts that provide "markers" that distinguish communities associated with terrorist activities from those unmarked by terrorism. Preliminary analysis provides some insight into better understanding the differences and/or similarities among terrorists, terrorist groups, and the communities in which they live and engage in preparatory and terrorist activities. At the most aggregate community level, analysis reveals important regional differences in where terrorist groups live and work. Analyses show very few differences in spatial patterns between Far-Left/Environmental and Far-Right groupsラeach tends to attack close to where they live. However, International groups demonstrate significant differences between where they "live and work." Furthermore, these exploratory analyses suggest that certain community characteristics are more salient in determining which communities are more likely to contain terrorists living in, planning in, and targeting specific locations. Region, general socio-demographic, housing, SES, and residential stability characteristics emerge as important elements to differentiating various aspects of terrorist residence, precursor activities, and target locations. In many instances these community types differ from typical U.S. communities. Additionally, the research team found important differences between these three types of terrorist groups with regards to where they live and our active both in planning and executing terrorist behaviors. For example, Far-Left/Environmental and Far-Right groups typically reside in communities located in the western United States, with low percentages of foreign-born residents, low percentages of urban residents, lower vacancies, and low percentages of foreign-born residents living in poverty. Comparatively, International groups live predominantly in the northeastern and southern regions of the country, in communities that have large concentrations of foreign-born residents, predominantly reside in urban communities, with lower percentages of married couples with children, owner-occupied housing, and high school graduates.

    3. Examining the Relationship Between the Presence of Hate Groups and the Presence Violent Far-Right Extremists at the County Level, led by Amy Adamczyk, Steven Chermak, and Joshua Freilich, sought to determine whether the presence of a hate group (including white-supremacist groups and black-supremacist groups) in a county would be significantly related to the likelihood of a far-right terrorist residing in that same county. Analyses established an empirical and statistically significant link between the presence of white hate groups in a county and the residence of a far-right terrorist, providing evidence to support a relationship that had often been assumed.

    Each of the subprojects involved in this study involved bivariate and multivariate statistical analyses. Dependent variables were drawn from existing START- and DHS-funded databases, including the Global Terrorism Database, the American Terrorism Study, and the Extremist Crime Database. Independent variables at the county-level were drawn from existing resources, but often had to be compiled to the county level. Data on ordinary crime rates for LaFree and Bersani's work were drawn from the Uniform Crime Reports, while factors related to county demographics in that project were compiled from the U.S. Census. Smith et al also used Census data to assess the characteristics of counties where terrorists resided, planned, and attacked in the United States. Adamczyk, Chermak, and Freilich compiled information on the presence of hate groups in a county from annual reports assembled by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Data on beliefs and attitudes within counties was aggregated from responses to the U.S. General Social Survey.

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    Bureau of Land Management(BLM) is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation
    Bureau of Land Management(BLM) is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico).Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it's
    own private business charter
    Neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass.

    BLM, is actually classified as an: "Agent of Foreign Principle", under the intergovernmental Personnel Act.

    In other words, they don't represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority.

    This has been openly admitted and exposed through Supreme Court cases since and even before 1938.

    [link to]

    Short story: BLM has no authority to do anything in Nevada.

    Got this from some one and wonder how true it is? I did my own search and found this link. I had heard this years ago but still can't find definitive proof of it??
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    commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - 7:57 AM

    MSNBC used our footage.

    "Racist Anti-Semitic Violent Groups! That's Where This Whole Ideology Comes From!"

    This is too much of course this is from MSNBC and The Southern Poverty Law Center using Gary Franchi's video from the Barbeque last night...I guess this is what you should expect from these kind of media people...
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    Assemblywoman Michele Fiore: The Truth about BLM & Bundy Showdown

    Tim Brown 2 hours ago


    I know Vietnam veteran, fellow contributor and friend Darwin Rockantansky will appreciate this post. It's a recount of events that took place during the time of Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore's visit to the Bundy Ranch. On Monday, Fiore documented what she witnessed, and in a very non-politically correct fashion gives her perspective on what took place. Without further ado, here's Ms. Fiore's post.


    I had the privilege and opportunity to learn to make a calf suck a bottle to save her life. It's going to take a lot to revive the calves that were nearly dead when they were returned to the Bundy Ranch because they had been separated from their mothers during the roundup, and a few most likely won't make it.
    I'm headed back to the Bundy's today at 1:00pm. I hope you'll meet me up there. Take I-15 North towards Mesquite, get off at exit 112, and I'll be on the left-hand side of the road, about 2.5 miles down. Give yourself about an hour and a half for traffic.
    This isn't my normal, nice, politically correct email, so hang on to your seats. I can tell you that after everything I've seen, this roundup was not about grazing fees.
    First and foremost, like all Nevadans, I love my country and support my government. I proudly support Nevada being home to military installations needed to defend our nation, the federal government test site to develop the equipment necessary for that defense, and any of the other federal lands and facilities needed to conduct the true business of our federal government. That said, I struggle to see the compelling federal issue of where cows eat.
    I spent a majority of my time in Bunkerville over the last week with the Bundy family and their supporters. During my time in Bunkerville, I couldn't help but think about Nevada's upcoming 150th birthday and that the federal government continues to patronize our state by trying to overstep and police our Nevada citizens. I wonder when the federal government will think Nevada is mature enough to set our own grazing rules or enforce our own laws.
    I didn't meet one Nevadan supporting the BLM or their removal of the cows. If Nevadans don't care about which land is used for grazing, why should a bureaucrat who works for the federal government get to trump that?
    I had the opportunity to meet the American-minded Bundy supporters from all over our country. They were peacefully protesting the BLM's actions, and I'm excited to report the Bundy family was successful in keeping the peace until the BLM stopped their roundup and returned the Bundy's cattle.
    I'll also report the actions of some spineless, poor-excuses of BLM staffers. An armed BLM officer picked up Mr. Bundy's elderly sister from behind, a total sneak attack, and body slammed her to the ground; there is video footage. This woman is the mother of 11 and just survived cancer. Following that brutal incident, another BLM officer ordered his dog to attack Mr. Bundy's son, Ammon, and as Ammon Bundy was trying to get the dog off his leg, the Nazi-minded bully tazed him twice, once in the neck and the second one right above the heart. As if that wasn't enough, the brutal BLM thugs beat up Dave Bundy, a pilot out of Las Vegas, detained him, stole his iPad because it contained the brutal footage, confiscated many other items out of his car, transported him to Henderson where he was further detained, then released him in the middle of street. They didn't stop there. No, they detained two more young guys while they were hearding some more cattle in Overton.

    These men and woman are Americans attacking Americans. I'm speechless. If you saw the number of police agencies united, I'd hope you'd be curious. We are talking about dozens of our finest SWAT members from Metro, Metro black & white cars, EMT, fire rescue trucks, detention buses (a.k.a. Paddy wagons), over 50 Ranger and BLM vehicles, numerous highway patrol vehicles, and a Black Hawk Helicopter on the Moapa airfield, just to name a few. We watched the Waco Massacre and Ruby Ridge; was the BLM preparing for a "Bunkerville Slaughter"? I believe in my heart because of these last two disasters, Americans from all over our country traveled from afar to stand with the Bundys and let our government know enough is enough. I'm proud to stand with my fellow Americans.

    The numbers do not calculate. The federal government had the authority and an open checkbook to spend 10 million dollars or more for a maximum return of $200,000. Here's how I calculate that number: the BLM might collect maybe 400 heads of cattle, taking into account the number of cattle they would kill while rounding them up. From the round up, the cattle would go to auction. How much do you think you'll pay for a half-dead, beat up cow? Let's say they were able to successful auction off 400 cows for $500.00 each (I'm being very very generous). The brainiac head of BLM authorized 10 million dollars or more to maybe recoup $200,000. Really? As a CEO I'd fire that decision-maker immediately. In their minds, maybe it's worth getting rid of the cows, or just killing them, so the cows won't destroy equipment for a project they might want to implement.
    The BLM tried to paint their actions as enforcing the law; however, there are several other reasons why the BLM chose to pick this fight. It cannot be a coincidence that the place where the Bundy's have grazed their cattle for hundreds of years would suddenly become an animal refuge for desert tortoises; is it really desert tortoises? If so, why would the BLM be euthanizing them? That's right, BLM has EUTHANIZED 700-800 desert tortoises. Trust but verify. Click here to read one of many stories about it.
    We're also seeing reports that the BLM land in Gold Butte is very desirable for energy projects, which may have prompted this sudden strong-arm tactic. Don't trust me, verify it. Click here to read the BLM's own report on the project.
    A major concern in all of this was how the BLM treated the cattle. It is completely irresponsible that after years of conversations, the Feds would begin their roundup during the season when calves are being born. In this mess, newborn calves were separated from their mothers; some were trampled in their holding pens and left for dead. A helicopter acted as a cowboy to heard the cows, causing a few to have heart attacks and die. The conditions of the holding pens where they kept the cows for days were heartless and cruel. Where was PETA?
    I do want to comment about the upstanding citizens who came to show their support, including the Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who are committed to defending the Constitution. They are honorable men and women who acted professionally and respectfully. There were many groups of freedom fighters who traveled from all over our country to stand together. I have a very serious request to all agency officers and that request is, "not to obey your superiors when given a direct order to attack your fellow Americans fighting for the freedoms granted to us by our Constitution". Take a sick day or a vacation.
    I didn't become an elected official to join an elite club; I ran for office to protect the people and be a true voice for the people. I take my oath seriously. It's time for Nevada to stand up to the federal government and demand the return of the BLM lands to the people of Nevada. BLM has shown their true colors and agenda. As elected officials in Nevada, it is our responsibility to be leaders on this issue and work together, Republicans and Democrats, to make sure this doesn't happen ever again. Together we need to write legislation to protect our state's rights from the Feds.
    Never forget, "This land is your land, this land is my land"…


    Thank you Michele Fiore

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