Stephen Boissiere
St. Petersburg Christianity & Politics Examiner
January 4, 2012

Most of the states that border with Mexico have experienced problems with obtaining support from Washington for immigration issues. Arizona immigration policies have attempted to do their part to help contain some of the issues that most of the southern states are facing, however, they have got nothing but negative feedback and little or no help from their Washington counterparts. Some have contended that this poor showing of leadership will only intensify a problem that should have been easily corrected.

It is clearly understood that the Federal government has its fair share of responsibilities as far as keeping the country together, unfortunately when they are not doing the job which are expected of them, things hardly ever go according to plan. After stepping in to curb the laws that were put into place by the state of Arizona, by way of lawsuits and other forms of legal degradation, the Federal government of this free nation is still doing what it can to keep the people of Arizona from protecting themselves against illegal entry into their state.

In trying to continue straddling the state of Arizona, the Obama administration has expanded his Presidential power to make his case stronger against the people of Arizona. With these new powers, the President can step in and preempt any state law that could have the possibility of irritating a foreign government. It seems as though the people of Arizona are systematically having their hands tied. It seems as though the leaders and law enforcement are destined to fight a bitter fight with this President.

With the political climate in Washington being all about the coming elections in 2012, political leaders are doing everything in their power to make sure that their party looks good when its time to choose a leader. Although congress is all about making laws to help this country run more efficiently, when situations like the one in Arizona raise their head, the results could end up affecting the political outcome of any leader who runs for political office.

This administration has a record of putting unpopular laws into place as we saw with the Health care reform act, so it will be no surprise that they are trying to stop Arizona from doing their job. Whatever the reason for this new turn of events by the Obama administration, one can only hope that cooler heads will prevail as Arizona continues to protect its borders.

History will show that when illegal immigration prevails, especially in uncontrolled amounts, crime rates go up. If congress tries to put down any plan by Arizona to protect their borders, one can only hope that the Federal government will finally step up and accept the responsibilities for the taxes they are paid.
Stephen Boissiere

The way we live our lives is a strong reflection to others. Stephen prays that through his writings and examples, others will see at least some of what He wants them to.