Hillary’s trying to make the election a referendum on political correctness

October 11, 2016 | 8:55pm

Voters’ top concerns are the stagnant economy and the threat of terrorism, but you wouldn’t know it from Hillary Clinton’s TV ads or campaign speeches. She’s trying to twist the presidential race into a referendum on political correctness.

Too embarrassed to run on her party’s economic record or her failed stint as secretary of state, she’s positioning herself as top cop of the speech police.

For example, Hillary is running an ad depicting pre-teen girls looking self-consciously in the mirror, agonizing over their bodies. Sometimes such young girls’ worries turn into deadly eating disorders, ultimately killing 10 percent of those affected. Clinton cynically exploits the pain and fear felt by thousands of families. Her ad uses a voiceover of Trump saying things like “she ate like a pig” and “does she have a fat ass?”

Parents struggling with their child’s eating disorder run to one doctor after another frantically seeking answers. The causes are complex and still not entirely known — but no one believes the cause is Donald Trump.

Some experts blame Hollywood’s glorification of skinny women for at least contributing to the rash of eating disorders and young girls’ body-image struggles. Instead of trying to muzzle Trump and other men, why isn’t Hillary calling out her big supporters in the entertainment industry?

The same question applies to Hillary’s double standard in bashing Trump for lewdness but celebrating it in popular music. Clinton’s latest super PAC ads condemn Trump’s bawdy 2005 remarks on a bus with show-biz journalist Billy Bush. Trump bragged to his buddy, “I moved on her like a bitch.” Clinton claims to have been outraged when she heard it, calling it “horrific.”

Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald chuckles at Clinton’s hypocritical “sudden onset of Victorian vapors.”

After all, Clinton has no problem with the salacious lyrics of her pal and supporter Beyoncé. Even when Beyoncé sings: “I came to slay bitch . . . when he f–k me good I take his ass to Red Lobster.” Clinton says, “I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.”

Trump can’t catch a break with Clinton, even when he’s trying to do the right thing. Another Clinton ad attacks Trump reaching out to inner-city African-Americans with promises of more jobs and school choice.

Reminding minority voters that Democratic politicians have failed to improve their economic opportunities, Trump asks for their vote, saying: “What the hell do you have to lose?” Clinton’s ad says: “Everything.”

It follows her ad featuring Ku Klux Klan members praising Trump. It’s McCarthyite guilt by association. Trump has no connection to the group. What’s Trump actually guilty of? Poaching on Hillary’s turf.

Worse than tarring Trump, she’s labeling cops, teachers and millions of other Americans racists. Whenever she talks to black audiences, she stokes racial resentment.

She told the NAACP that whites “need to recognize our privilege and practice humility.” All whites, she claims, have “implicit bias,” and she wants bias training for police and other professions. Implicit bias — you’re told you have it even if you don’t realize it, no matter how colorblind you try to be, and denying your bias just proves it.

Implicit bias is PC drivel. There’s no solid data to support it, cautions social scientists Philip Tetlock of UPenn and Gregory Mitchell of the University of Virginia and experts from New York University and the University of Connecticut. But if Clinton becomes president, we’ll all be undergoing re-education at school or work to cure our “implicit bias.”

To see what President Hillary’s America would be like, look at most college campuses today. Few on campus dare to question Black Lives Matter, militant multiculturalism and “safe spaces” to spare students from challenging ideas.

Hillary’s dictating how Americans talk about race, sex, even body shapes. Trump calls it like he sees it.

He doesn’t stick to the well-rehearsed rhetoric of a career politician. But his supporters are sick and tired of political correctness.

He’s not running for saint. He’s running to get the job done, something Hillary Clinton has already proven she can’t do.