1:45 PM 02/18/2016
Steve Guest

Proudly reported upon by MSNBC ahead of the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, the Hillary Clinton campaign is using illegal aliens to help get out the vote.

MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff profiled Cheska Perez, an illegal immigrant who overstayed her visa, in a report for the cable network Thursday.

Perez is now helping the Clinton campaign by going out canvassing neighborhoods.

In order to canvass the neighborhood for Clinton, Perez rides her bike because she is a “dreamer” who can’t get a drivers license because “it’s difficult to get.”

Perez claims she came to America along with her parents when she was six years old in 2003 from the Philippines.

Soboroff asked Perez, “At what point did you realize that your parents had overstayed their work visa and that you were undocumented?”

“Back in 2007 [when we moved] to Las Vegas, there were just a lot of complications that were happening and eventually I found out, you know, they were laying out paperwork on the bed… and I just found out that way,” Perez said.

Upon realizing that she was an illegal immigrant, Perez said, “I didn’t understand it. I was quite confused. But I didn’t understand what our situation was and what it mean and the consequences of it.”

Perez said that she brings up the fact that she is an undocumented person in America when she campaigns for Clinton and talks about it as her “personal story.” Noting that she has had “other dreamers” come out to me. Perez said it is a “happy feeling” to discover other illegal immigrants in America.