House Democrats pushing to permit migrants to vote

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I’m posting this so there’s no confusion about what democrats had planned all along for the upcoming election.
— sandy (@3Sandy7_) May 9, 2024

A few votes could change the course of history. The Equal Representation Act questions whether illegal migrants should appear on the next US census in 2030, effectively granting them representation. The 206 to 202 vote was passed on party lines, with ALL Democrats voting in favor of permitting illegal migrants to be counted as American citizens for redistricting purposes.
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The repopulation theory is not a conspiracy. The Democrats are losing the favor of the people rapidly, and the new world order is on the line because citizens simply will not vote for these extreme measures that ultimately weaken America.
“Though commonsense dictates that only citizens should be counted for apportionment purposes, illegal aliens have nonetheless recently been counted toward the final tallies that determine how many House seats each state is allocated and the number of electoral votes it will wield in presidential elections,” Rep. Chuck Edwards, R-N.C., who championed the bill, stated. Yet, the Democrats completely oppose questioning a person’s citizenship on the census for political purposes.
This is a clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Taxpaying citizens will be denied the right to have their vote counted if foreign aliens are counted no different from citizens. They are aiming to distort our electoral maps, and it is no coincidence that illegals have been placed in every major US city. The borders were deliberately left open for this ultimate goal. The Democrats clearly stated their motive for abandoning national security long ago.
“While people continue to flee Democrat-run cities, desperate Democrats are back-filling the mass exodus with illegal immigrants so that they do not lose their seats in Congress or their electoral votes for the presidency, hence artificially boosting their political power and in turn diluting the power of Americans’ votes,” Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn, noted, calling such practices “unconscionable.”
Not one Democrat voted in favor of the American voice or voter. The Senate must pass this bill to save what is left of America’s electoral process, a process that the majority no longer trust. If you are not a legal citizen, and you do not pay taxes, you certainly should not have a say in the future of this nation.
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