I am beginning to think that Obama just showed up for class ,organizing and being a showpony.

How Could Obama Teach Law And Not Know This?

by Mychal Massie
on March 14, 2014 in Daily Rant

Obama has attempted to foment public and media condemnation of Republicans for, as he claims, not doing what he tells them to do. During the State of the Union speech, he said he “would go it alone” if Congress failed to do what he wanted. As I wrote in “Obama Declares Himself Above The Constitution”: Obama made it clear that he was going to bypass Constitutional and Congressional authority and use Executive Orders to install whatever legislation he personally deemed valid. (Behind The Political Curtain; 1/29/14)

Which brings me to my point. Obama is either an epic fraud, an incomparable moron, or a mendacious liar the likes of which have not been witnessed save for Lucifer himself, and, as referenced above, a darn poor one at that. On March 30, 2007, at a fund raiser, Obama sarcastically said: “I was a Constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president [i.e., George W. Bush] I actually respect the Constitution.”

Once again, the prince of liars is treed by his own pompous arrogance. Which is why the Republicans are demonstrably derelict in their responsibility to defend and uphold the Constitution – as has been the Supreme Court.

As a professor of Constitutional law, Obama would know that our Founding Fathers created a system of checks and balances called Separation of Powers. There are three branches of government: the legislative which is the Congress, the executive which is the presidency, and the judicial which is the Supreme Court.

This political doctrine was designed and instituted to keep the branches of government separate so as to prevent the very thing Obama is guilty of having done and guilty of threatening to do in an even more public display. Each branch of government is provided certain powers under the Constitution so as to check and balance the other branches.
As a Constitutional law professor, Obama would know that.

Separation of Powers is as fundamental to public office as water is to the ocean. The Constitution, in Article 1 Section 1, gives Congress “legislative powers herein granted.” Article 1 Section 8 lists those permissible actions. The president is the Executive Branch. Bemoan as he may, Obama, if we are to believe his claims pursuant to being a Constitutional law professor, would know and understand that it is the literal duty of Congress to keep the Executive Branch in check.

An Executive Branch that is able to write laws and issue judicial edicts would be nothing short of a dictatorship. Legislative power and judicial power would lie with one individual, the president. That is precisely why our Founding Fathers followed the example of separated powers that goes back to the ancient Greeks.

It is an impeachable offense for Obama or any president to draft legislation and then institute it. Writing, passing, and instituting legislation is the exclusive responsibility of Congress. The Supreme Court as the Judicial Branch is not constrained to wait for its opinion to be solicited in the case of unambiguous violations by the Executive Branch. It is the High Court’s singular responsibility to interpret the Constitution and in said capacity it is responsible that the intended propriety of each Branch be upheld.

Our Founding Fathers intended for there to be friction, if you will, between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch. It is to prevent the very thing that Obama is demanding, and that is to be elevated to potentate status. He envisions himself as a tin dictator, and he is furious that there is a modicum of restraint that binds him.

But herein again is the public misled. Obama complains and the media parrots said complaints claiming that Congress is in some way violating some credo that doesn’t exist. Congress is doing its job by disagreeing and making it difficult for presidents to have the laws passed they want. That is the exact purpose for Separation of Powers.