Huma reportedly 'flipped' against Hillary

Published: 2 days ago. Updated: 11/05/2016 at 9:56 PM

(Editor’s note: Because of the fast-moving news cyclep on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation and related scandals, WND is tracking all significant developments in one place for those who don’t have time to scour all the headlines.)

WASHINGTON – Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, has reportedly “flipped” and is cooperating with investigators looking into possible crimes by the former secretary of state.

is reporting that is because Abedin fears she could go to jail over the scandal.

Blackwater founder and retired Navy SEAL Erik Prince said “well-placed” sources in the New York Police Department told him “(Anthony) Weiner and Huma Abedin, his wife – the closest adviser of Hillary Clinton for 20 years – have both flipped.”

“They are cooperating with the government,” Prince claimed. “They both have – they see potential jail time of many years for their crimes, for Huma Abedin sending and receiving and even storing hundreds of thousands of messages from the State Department server and from Hillary Clinton’s own homebrew server, which contained classified information. Weiner faces all kinds of exposure for the inappropriate sexting that was going on and for other information that they found.”

The aide who has been constantly at Clinton’s side for decades dropped off the campaign trail almost immediately after news broke a week ago that the FBI had discovered that vast trove of emails on her estranged husband’s laptop. Although apparently exiled from the Clinton’s entourage, Abedin did appear at a campaign fundraiser Thursday evening in Washington. It was her first public appearance since she left the campaign trail.

Prince also claimed the NYPD is “ready to make arrests” in the Weiner underage-sexting case that led to the discovery of a reported 650,000 of his wife’s emails on his laptop.

And that sources in the department told him the NYPD wanted to hold a press conference but has been prevented by intense pressure from the Justice Department.

He also claimed, as the first ones to see the contents of the laptop, NYPD investigators found criminal activity by Clinton and her immediate circle, then forced the FBI to reopen the Clinton email investigation and go public with the discovery of the Weiner emails, or they would.

Additionally, multiple news outlets have reported there are now at least five federal investigations into the Clintons and their close friends and associates.

Also in the last 24 hours, CBS reported on Thursday evening that the FBI has found emails “related” to Clinton’s role as secretary of state on Weiner’s laptop.

CBS also confirmed earlier reports that the emails are not duplicates, meaning they are emails investigators have not seen before.

Investigators are said to be poring over previous statements made to the FBI by Clinton and her aides to see if there is any conflict with the massive amount of
new information they are collecting.

A special team of analysts from a multi-agency task force is reportedly working in overlapping
16-hour shifts looking for new evidence, including any classified information.

The bombshell revelations are arriving almost hourly, with nearly two dozen in just the last two days. The single most explosive development came from Fox

News, which reported that an indictment of Clinton is likely.

Here’s what happened in the previous 24 hours:


Two sources “with intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations into the Clinton emails and the Clinton Foundation” told Fox News’ Bret Baier an indictment is “likely” in the Clinton Foundation influence peddling scandal.

The only impediment would be “some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department.

The big question for the Clinton campaign, and the country, would then be whether any indictment comes down before the election on Nov. 8.

Bret Baier: FBI sources believe Clinton Foundation case moving toward indictment

Server hacked

Another bombshell from those sources was a “99 percent” probability the private email server Clinton used for official business as secretary of state was hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies.

The sources also reported that those foreign agencies did obtain information from Clinton’s server.

Clinton Foundation investigation

In addition to reporting the likelihood of an indictment in the inquiry, Fox’s sources said investigators are “actively and aggressively” looking into the Clinton Foundation.

They said the investigation is “far more expansive than anybody has reported so far,” it has been underway for more than a year and is a “very high priority.”

Contrary to previous reports, the sources said the laptops of former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills, and other top aide Heather Samuelson, definitely have not been destroyed. As part of an immunity agreement, the FBI had agreed to destroy those laptops after its first, but more narrowly focused, review.

A source noted those immunity deals would have been revoked if the recipients were found to have lied during the investigation.

Agents are reportedly scouring the laptops for evidence of pay-for-play, or influence peddling, by the former secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation.

The investigation is so expansive that agents have re-interviewed numerous people about case and interviewed other key figures for the first time.

Agents reported they gathered “a lot” of evidence even before the WikiLeaks disclosure and “there is an avalanche of new information coming every day.” Some of the fresh information is coming from WikiLeaks, some from new emails.

The Foundation investigation is reportedly being done by the white collar crime and public corruption branch of the FBI’s criminal investigative division.

Email investigation

The investigation into classified emails on Clinton’s server and her aides’ devices is reportedly being run by the FBI’s National Security division.
As CBS confirmed on Thursday, FBI agents reportedly found previously undiscovered emails they believe came from Clinton’s server on the laptop of Anthony Weiner.

Significantly, they say the emails are not duplicates, meaning they are emails investigators have not seen before.

Equally significant, the sources in the original report said some emails may contain classified information.

The special team of computer analysts looking for new evidence, including classified information, are reportedly using software developed by FBI forensic experts that eliminates duplicates (emails the department has already seen) and allows investigators to focus on new, previously unseen material.

According to Fox, once new records are identified, investigators review the contents of those emails, then send them to intelligence agencies for final classification.


The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee accused Hillary Clinton of treason on Thursday.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said that was because Clinton had exposed sensitive information to foreign government hackers.

“She exposed it to our enemies, and now … our adversaries have this very sensitive information that not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas,” he charged.

“In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason,” said McCaul.

He continued, “The concern I’ve had all along is she has had seven special access programs on these devices. Those are the most classified, sensitive secrets in the federal government — many of them covert operations.”

“She took those devices overseas against the State Department’s wishes, and now we find out — and (FBI Director) James Comey told me previously — that it’s very likely that foreign adversary nations got into her private server,” McCaul concluded.

Justice Department cover-up

Top Justice Department officials ordered FBI investigators looking into the Clinton Foundation to “stand down” back in February, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The Foundation investigation was kept alive, according to Fox, by agents who obtained information from two informants and made a secret audio recording in a different probe into public corruption.

The agents were pursuing leads based on claims made in the book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer.

The FBI reportedly believed it had enough evidence to prosecute Clinton but Justice Department officials disagreed.

A senior Justice Department official phoned FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to complain FBI agents were disobeying the stand down order.

“Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” McCabe reportedly asked.

After a pause, the senior DOJ official was said to have replied, “Of course not.”

FBI rebellion

The reopening of the Clinton email investigation was reportedly sparked by leaks from rebellious FBI agents who were outraged when Director James Comey recommended against indicting the former secretary of state back in July.

The Guardian reported that Comey’s decision resulted in a “chaotic internal climate” in the FBI.

An FBI agent told the paper the reason agents are leaking so much information is because “a large swath” support Trump and they consider Clinton to be the “antichrist personified.”

A former FBI agent said, “There are lots of people who don’t think Trump is qualified, but also believe Clinton is corrupt.”

Clinton deleted classified email

The Daily Caller reported evidence that one of the 33,000 emails Clinton deleted, which she claimed were personal notes about yoga and weddings, was actually classified information sent to her daughter Chelsea.

The email chain released by the State Department on Friday was recovered by the FBI from Clinton’s private email server.

The contents of the email are redacted because it has information classified as “Confidential” and contains foreign government information.

The chain began with Michael Froman, who was deputy assistant to President Obama and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs, and was sent to Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s foreign policy adviser at the State Department, and several Obama aides. Sullivan sent it to Hillary Clinton, who forwarded it to Chelsea, under the fake name “Diane Reynolds.”

The Sate Department called the email a “near duplicate” to one it had released earlier, the difference being Clinton deleted the response to her daughter.

The significance of that, as the Daily Caller noted, is Chelsea “is and was a private citizen with no government role and no apparent security clearances.”

Meet with Bill for $100,000

The Daily Caller found a WikiLeaks email suggesting the price of a meeting with Bill Clinton was $100,00 or more.

A memo from Dec. 7, 2012 showed one businessman paid $100,000 and another paid $140,00 for a “Meeting with WJC,” which stands for William Jefferson Clinton.

The man who paid $140,000 for the meeting, Joe Kiani, the founder of medical device maker Masimo, went on to pay Clinton $630,000 for speeches he gave in 2013 and 2014.

Kiani announced a patient safety initiative at a Clinton Global Initiative summit in 2013, which the former president praised.

But the Daily Caller reported “those efforts have come under scrutiny” ever since 2014, when NPR publicized a Food and Drug Administration report accusing Masimo of “failing to investigate dozens of claims about defective devices.”

Chelsea ‘not smart’

Another WikiLeaks email dug up on Friday by the Daily Caller revealed that Clinton Foundation bigwig Doug Band ripped Chelsea Clinton as, “not smart.”

John Podesta, currently the Clinton campaign chairman, more than agreed with that assessment of Chelsea’s intellectual capacity, replying “You are perfecting your skills for understatement.”

That was after learning in 2012 that not only had she apparently launched an internal investigation of the Clinton Foundation’s finances, a Republican operative learned of it after Chelsea told one of former President George W. Bush’s daughters about it.

Hillary will eventually sound human

Another WikiLeaks email unearthed by the website on Friday featured a Democratic strategist saying of Clinton, “Eventually she will sound like a human.”

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, wrote to Podesta on Aug. 26, 2015, about Clinton’s public response to the disclosure of the existence of her private email server.

Tanden described the difficulty the campaign was having in getting Clinton to explain what she had done and why.

“I read what she said today. She’s actually moving,” Tanden told Podesta. “It seems to me that if directly asked whether it was a mistake she may actually say it was. She often says she absolutely won’t do something and then does it. Not always but often. I would advise to stay at her and schedule multiple interviews soon! Lock her in. Eventually she will sound like a human.”

Email leaks not from Russia

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the Russian government is not the source of the thousands of emails his website has published from Podesta.

In an interview with Russia Today to be aired Saturday, Assange said the “Clinton camp has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything.”

Clinton and other top Democrats have repeatedly and loudly insisted the leaks were done by Russia to affect the presidential election. However, Clinton and other Democrats have not disputed the contents of the emails.

“Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia is the source of our publications,” said Assange.

“That’s false; we can say that the Russian government is not our source.”

“I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person,” he added, “because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick – for example, faint – as a result of going on, and going with their ambitions.”

“But she represents a whole network of people, and a whole network of relationships with particular states,” Assange concluded.

Influence pedaling

In another excerpt of the interview released Friday, Assange said he believed the most important email released by WikiLeaks was one in 2014 in which Clinton admitted Qatar and Saudi Arabia were “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [Islamic State, IS, ISIS] and other radical Sunni groups.”

That’s because it is an admission the Saudis are funding both ISIS and Clinton.

And it smacks of influence pedaling, because the Clinton Foundation took millions from the Saudis, and Secretary of State Clinton approved a massive arms sale to the kingdom.

The New York Times reported in August that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated more than $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, which the FBI had been reportedly investigating for selling political influence for more than a year.

Assange noted in the interview, “Under Hillary Clinton – and the Clinton emails reveal a significant discussion of it – the biggest-ever arms deal in the world was made with Saudi Arabia: more than $80 billion. During her tenure, the total arms exports from the US doubled in dollar value.”

The WikiLeaks founder also observed, “All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIS and funding ISIS, but the dodge has always been that it is some ‘rogue’ princes using their oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves. But that email says that it is the government of Saudi Arabia, and the government of Qatar that have been funding ISIS.”

Additionally, Assange asserted the presidential election has been fixed to make sure Clinton wins.

“My analysis,” he said, “is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment. Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc. are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.’

Lifezette uncovered a Wikileaks email on Thursday in which Podesta implicitly warned Clinton of the dangers of using her unsecured email system to discuss sensitive information.

In the 2014 emails, exchanged after she had resigned as secretary of state, Clinton asked Podesta if he had “any idea whose fighters attacked Islamist positions in Tripoli, Libya,” because it was “worth analyzing for future purposes.”

Realizing it was not an exchange that should be held on her unsecured email system, Podesta warned, “Yes and interesting but not for this channel.”

Another Wikileaks email dug up by Lifezette suggests Podesta himself was warned as far back as 2008 about the dangers of discussing sensitive information outside of official government channels.

President Obama’s first chief of staff, Denis McDonough, wrote to fellow transition team member Daniel Tarullo on Nov. 3, 2008, “I was struck by the memo partly because it was first I had heard of it but much more because it was a sensitive doc bumping around on public email addresses.”

“There is a very real threat to the security of our documents,” he added.

Tarullo added Podesta, who was also a member of Obama’s transition team, to the email chain.

McDonough then warned Podesta directly, “I know I’m like a broken record on this, but I think we should arrange a briefing on the cyber threat for all associated with your effort. We have a real security threat on our stuff here.”