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    I need your help. Info on Talk Radio hosts from all over USA

    Hello Alipac Members,
    You might have visited My website already, . I'm putting together a List of all Talk Radio show Hosts that are on the Right side of the Illegal Immigration issue from all over the Country. Since I'm here in California in the los Angeles Area it is hard for me to know Who is talking about what in the hundreds of Radio Markets all over the Country.
    Here in Los Angeles we have John and Ken on KFI 640 3 to 7 pm, Al Rantel KABC 790 6 to 9pm, Kevin James KABC 12 to 5am, and John Ziggler to some extend on KFI 40 7 to 10pm.
    I appreciate if you send me the Name of your Local talk Radio host that you think will be a help to our cause as well as the station name and Town
    a website will be very helpful too.
    You can choose 1 of these methods to send me the information.-
    -Either Reply to this post.
    - email me on
    - Visit my website , click on the talk radio need help link and you can fill the form. You will remain anonymous.

    Thank you so much for your help, and please visit my website and vote in the poll I have on the home page and you can also Register in the FORUM that we started

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    Bill LuMaye - 9AM to 12PM and 3PM to 6PM on WPTF AM680, Raleigh, NC

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    KFYI in Phoenix. The entire weekday line up and most of the weekend hosts.
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