ICE Deports Mexican National Wanted For Sexually Assaulting Minor

The law enforcement agency has deported another wanted man.

Published 2 hours ago on Jun 4, 2019
By Tom Pappert

Today Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced the removal of an illegal immigrant from the United States after the Sonora, Mexico Attorney General’s office issued a warrant for his arrest after he allegedly sexually abused and molested a child.

Rodrigo Castillo Alvarez has been wanted by the Mexican government since January 2 of this year, but he was only apprehended by ICE in April after he was arrested on drug and money laundering charges in Phoenix, Arizona. ICE was notified on May 1, and an immigration judge in Elroy, Arizona ordered his deportation on May 23.

From the ICE website:

On Jan. 2, the Attorney General’s Office in Sonora, Mexico, issued a warrant against Rodrigo Castillo Alvarez (a.k.a. Oscar Castillo or Alfonso Castillo Delgado) for the offenses of sexual abuse or rape of a child and child molestation. According to Mexican police records, Alvarez was alleged to be one of two predators who violated a female under the age of 12.

Alvarez, 45, came into ICE
custody April 23, following his arrest by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on drug and money laundering charges. On May 1, Mexican authorities notified ERO Phoenix that Alvarez was subject to an outstanding arrest warrant. On May 23, an immigration judge in Eloy, Arizona, ordered Alvarez removed from the United States.

It is believed Alvarez was in the United States to flee justice in Mexico.

ICE field office director Albert Carter made clear that “Foreign fugitives attempting to avoid prosecution of violent crimes committed in their home country will not find sanctuary in the United States,” and promised that the agency would continue to apprehend such individuals to keep communities safe.

Unfortunately, as President Donald Trump’s border wall has yet to be entirely completed in dangerous areas, ICE does not always arrive before wanted illegal immigrants commit more crimes in the United States.