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    ICE's sheet of accomplishments....

    This is Immigration and Customs Enforcements sheet of accomplishments. Doesn't it seem a bit light on account of almost 20 million illegals in our country alone???

    ICE’s many successes since it’s creation include progress spearheaded by the agency’s powerful initiatives and programs, including:

    * In FY02, before the establishment of ICE, the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) responded to 426,895 inquiries from law enforcement agencies. Two years later, after significant promotion by ICE, the LESC fielded 669,460 inquiries from agencies in all 50 states. Because ICE also enhanced the LESC’s role in law enforcement, 15,555 detainers against wanted aliens were lodged with law enforcement agencies around the country in FY04.
    * ICE’s Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) has taken great strides in achieving greater public safety with its National Fugitive Operations Teams, which locate and apprehend fugitive aliens. During their second full year, the 17 teams were highly successful with 11,082 fugitive apprehensions. When non-fugitive violators of immigration laws that are apprehended “collaterally,
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    Like children, praise when they do something right and scold when they dont

    There focus is to broad they should not be involved in things like human rights and child pornography. While no one would argue those are not improtant issues, they dilute the focus of ICE and what their customers,us, want them to do.

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    I was just reading today about a number of ICE busts of construction compnaies, with much smaller workforces than the highly publicized food-processing concerns. I supppose there is a lot we miss; just wish it didn't take such lengthy investigations or that detainess could so easily disperse into sanctuaries. I think we should congratulate them--and politely ask for more. Angry complainig usually doesn't go far with government people.

    Who know how ICE will fare under a new administration? We need to make sure our voice continues to be heard.
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