I worked animal rescue for Hurricane Katrina. We were being virtually ignored and even threatened UNTIL we flooded the white house and various reps with emails, phone calls, and faxes.
Toward that end, I hope you find the following contact info useful. Keep in mind that Dubya et al do not check email or sit by the fax, but their minions do and we were told that once the "incomings" reached a certain number, only then would they respond. Feel free to let 'er rip about your feelings to the following:
White House Switchboard 202-456-1414 OR 202-456-1111
(these may have changed since Katrina so you may need to verify by doing a search)
White House Fax 202-456-2461
White House email(s): President@whitehouse.gov , vice.president@whitehouse.gov

And certainly include your own respective state representatives!