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    If Puerto Rico Becomes America's 51 State....

    Will you take the pledge along with me to move there....speak English in public...blast American music out of your car windows (instead of salsa and merigue)as you drive by....not assimilate to Puerto Rican culture....and demand services in English in public and on the phone? In retaliation for the Latinization of America, (and the Puerto Rican nation thinking that by joining the U.S. they're going to further that, plus have their cake and eat it too with our statehood benefits), how about we Americanize Puerto Rico?

    Think I'm being radical? If Puerto Rico is going to be America, then there is nothing wrong with acting American in Puerto Rico!!!

    C'mon "anglos", blacks, Asians and Native Americans-lets all go over to Puerto Rico and be the new "boricuas". "Si, si puerde-si, si puerde, si, si puerde!"- (Yes, we can, yes we can, yes we can!)
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    This is a pretty silly and uninformed comment. English is spoken everywhere in Puerto Rico and even if it weren't, the Americans of Puerto Rico would NEVER be offended by your speaking it or anybody else. The Americans of Puerto Rico would not mind "American music" either ... it plays there all the time. You, as another American citizen, HAVE THE FULL RIGHT to move to Puerto Rico AND DEMAND (yes, DEMAND) your services in English ... voting, license, court, hospital, etc. Puerto Rico is not a nation, but a territory of the USA with NATURAL BORN American citizens.

    As far as "the Americanization of Puerto Rico" is concerned, that has been happily happening for over 114 years now ... the only thing is that "Americanization" does not look the same everywhere (think of Texas and New York and Mississippi and California ... well think of ALL the states. Different "Americanization.")

    Just remember, though, that if you do decide to move to Puerto Rico and bring "Anglos, black, Asians, and Native Americans," YOU WILL ALL LOSE YOUR FULL RIGHTS AS AMERICAN CITIZENS. Just as the American citizens of Puerto Rico who move to the states GAIN all THEIR American rights.

    Just remember: As long as Puerto Rico is kept poor and as a COLONY of the USA, we WILL continue to move to the states of the mainland. We will do it because WE CAN AS AMERICAN CITIZENS AND NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    Thank you for this funny comment. I know you must have intended it sarcastically because nobody who knows anything about Puerto Rico would have said what you said publicly and not be embarrassed.

    Twisted, huh?

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    Puerto Rico would be a huge drag on our already generous welfare system, which of course would mean more big spending.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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