Tuesday, 15 July 2014 16:38
Warren Mass
The New American

As our nation struggles to deal with an almost uncontrollable surge of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border, many in government seek to place the blame for the crisis on their political opponents. But some who have studied the worsening situation have concluded that the crisis is neither accidental nor unavoidable, but the result of a planned political agenda.

The Obama administration undoubtedly bears much of the responsibility for uncontrolled immigration due to its inability or unwillingness to secure our borders, and weak enforcement that amounts to defacto amnesty for those who make it across them. More than one Republican member of Congress has called the administration to task for its non-enforcement of immigration laws. For example, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said in a statement about the crisis posted on his Senate webpage on June 3:

The rising crisis at the border is the direct and predictable result of actions taken by President Obama. He and his Administration have announced to the world that they will not enforce America’s immigration laws, and have emphasized in particular that foreign youth will be exempted from these laws.

However, Obama administration officials deny that their lenient policies, including a 2012 program that allowed immigrants who had entered the country illegally as minors before June 2007 to apply for deportation “deferrals” (usually meaning “cancellations”) have encouraged the recent flood of illegal immigration by unaccompanied minors.

The administration instead blames the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush. That law made it nearly impossible to deport unaccompanied minors to Central America without first letting them appear before an immigration judge. Because of the current backlog, the wait for such court appearances can be very lengthy, during which time the immigrant minors are released from custody.

The Wilberforce Act (S. 3061) was geared to combat the trafficking of minors. The law was designed, its proponents asserted, to prevent victims of child trafficking from being automatically sent back to those who had effectively enslaved them, with the court appearance designed to allow the judge to evaluate their particular situation. The law’s contribution to the present crisis, though undeniable, is most likely an unanticipated consequence.

While President Bush did sign the measure, it was a bipartisan effort, and was originally written partially by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and introduced in the Senate by then-senator, now vice president, Joe Biden.

Many public officials, from Obama and Biden, to the Democrat leadership in the Senate and even Republican members of the Senate “Gang of Eight” who helped draft the bill passed by the Senate in June 2013, have beat the drums for Congress to pass “immigration reform” legislation. Three House Republicans have cosponsored H.R. 15, the House version of the Senate-passed bill, and a blog posted by America’s Voice (a pro-“immigration reform” group) lists 30 Republican members of the House who have voiced support for a bill that includes “a path to citizenship” — amnesty — for some who have entered our country illegally.

Amidst the politicking, however, are indications that our immigration crisis was caused not because of the need for “reform,” but because influential individuals from both political parties fomented the crisis to facilitate a larger agenda.

Among those who have charged that the illegal immigrant problem is not accidental is the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), which released a statement on June 11 asserting that the large influx of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing our border “is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.” (Emphasis added.)

When Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked by Martha Raddatz, the host of ABC’s This Week on July 5, “Do you really believe there’s some sort of conspiracy to get people into the United States by the federal government, by the Obama administration?” Perry’s reply was straightforward: “I have to believe that when you don’t respond in any way that you are either inept or you have some ulterior motive ... which you are functioning from.”

Yet Perry just scratched the surface by suggesting that an ulterior motive has contributed substantially to the immigration crisis. And while he accurately pointed the finger at the Obama administration’s role in the crisis, it is doubtful that Perry would want to hold his fellow Republicans equally culpable.

For further insight into the history behind this immigration surge, we viewed a video posted online this week by The John Birch Society (with which The New American is affiliated). In that video, “Immigration for Change,” JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how the recent surge of immigration across our southern border has been planned to change American society.

Noting that “most people don’t understand the changes that can be wrought through immigration,” Thompson drew upon his extensive knowledge of American history to go back to the earliest days of our Republic, when the great American thinker and writer Noah Webster expressed concern about the ill effects that uncontrolled immigration might have on our society.

During Webster’s day, noted Thompson, America had been infiltrated by Jacobins (who had their roots in the infamous and influential political club in Paris that had led the French Revolution) who, though their Democratic Clubs, were attempting to gain control of the United States “or at least split it up and make part of the country an ally of revolutionary France.”

Webster declared that their conspiratorial plan was "one of the most daring projects of throwing the world into confusion that has been exhibited since the incursions of the Goths and the Vandals.”

Thompson observed:

The immigration of the Goths and Vandals and Visigoths ... into the Roman Empire shook up the society of Rome so badly that it led to the downfall of Rome. And that’s what he was talking about. Our Founders understood history and how immigration — massive immigration — could disrupt civilization to the point of it collapsing. And that is what is happening today with the incursion across our southern border. It is planned. It is planned for a particular reason: to bring about change — that Obama wants, and others as well, including Republicans.

This bipartisan plan, explained Thompson, is to eliminate not only our southern border, but our northern border as well, substituting aspects of Canada’s parliamentary democracy in place of our constitutional Republic. Combined with the massive flow of immigrants from Mexico (who would become voters after their “path to citizenship”), the breakdown of our form of government and ultimately our society would be inevitable.

And it is not only Obama’s Democrats who are the culprits in creating this plan. As Thompson noted:

The Republicans are equally involved, because don’t forget, it was George H.W. Bush who wanted to unify all of the Western Hemisphere through the Free Trade Area of the Americas (the FTAA), and also it was George W. Bush, meeting with [Mexican President Vicente] Fox and [Prime Minister Paul] Martin of Canada [who met at Waco, Texas, in March 2005 to sign an accord called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America] that wanted to promote a North American Union, to merge all of North America into one country — comprised of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. These were Republicans. They wanted no borders, and said so.... They wanted free flow of people under all conditions.... Such a thing as that would be so disruptive to the American society that it would [destroy] our government, our form of government, ultimately, but the decisions that would be made would be based on the population that we would have within our country, which would then be North America.

These are Republican programs as well as Democrat programs. And that is the purpose behind all of this immigration. It is to disrupt, it is to change society, and once you change society it will change our government.

When we look at the historic context into which the current immigration crisis fits so neatly, the suspicions voiced by NAFBPO and Governor Perry are not only valid, but most likely greatly understate the magnitude of the problem.