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    Illegal Immigration in No. Central Texas Commentary
    Daniel T. Zanoza, Executive Director
    January 8, 2008

    Illegal Immigration in No. Central Texas--Raw Words of the People--A Great Divide by Dodi Smith ... nd-im.html

    EDITOR'S NOTE: welcomes Dodi Smith of Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texas to our writing staff. In the column below, Dodi explores one of the most dividing issues of our time--illegal immigration. The words of those interviewed by Mrs. Smith are raw and uncensored, but this column reflects the strong feelings of Americans and illegal immigrants which may represent attitudes shared by many millions across America. decided not to edit or censor the words of Americans and illegal immigrants who were willing to tell it as they see it. No political correctness here. This column is not for the segment of our population which may deny the realities which face us all. Welcome, Dodi! -- Daniel T. Zanoza, Executive Director


    Illegal immigrants are swarming into the Metro area of Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding towns. This population has been growing steadily without resident citizens coming to realize what was happening, until recently. It took Wal-Mart to bring it to the attention of all, when suddenly 90% of employees were illegal immigrants, music and loud speaker advertisements were now in Spanish--not English. Shelves were filled with more Hispanic food than American, including Wal-Mart's meat counter. And then suddenly one noticed that everything there was written in Spanish and English. What a shock! As I walked around the town and in the suburbs I stopped and asked people how they felt about the growing number of illegal aliens in this area and here are a few of the answers I received:

    Mr. Moreno, an Hispanic man: "I came here when I was 6 with my family. We worked hard to learn the way of America and Texas, to learn to speak the language, read, write and do arithmetic. We did it legally, too and once my family had accomplished the needs to be an American, we applied for citizenship, taking our oath in English--as was required at the time. I love this country and it hurts me that people come here to take our rights from us, to change the laws and the neighborhoods for their own purpose and do not feel they need to be citizens. That it is their right to be free in America and that is not the way it should be. This thing about doing work that Americans won't do is a bunch of hogwash, it is an excuse for both the illegals and the employers. Many do not realize that by paying these misfits under the table, they are not having to pay the employer part Social Security and that is leaving money in their pockets, and they can pay the illegals less than required. My son is the first legal born family member to be American in this great country we are proud to call home. I believe our government should have the right to make every person in this country take down the Flag of Mexico and fine them for their actions. It is not right to fly another country's flag. This is America and only the American flag should be so honored. No other country in the world would allow such actions as America allows. Our leaders are cowards."

    Mrs. Wilson: "Our government is allowing filth to come into this country for their own ego and hopefully votes to keep them in office. We once had gotten rid of many diseases in this country...TB, DIPHTHERIA, WHOOPING COUGH, PLAGUE, INTERNAL BACTERIA, AIDS and many others and today our leaders turn their heads at the danger they are allowing to become a part of this country again. Texas no longer belongs to the citizens born here, it belongs to the misfits of illegals that is being allowed to come in and disrupt all that is good in this country. Our businesses are catering to them and nothing is done to stop them. More and more local businesses are owned by Hispanics and immigrants than citizens. Don't they understand that they are as bad as our leaders, in hiring them, in providing their needs/desires in food, cheap clothing, allowing them to take all tests in Spanish or any other language they desire, being allowed a driver's license--when they can't read or speak English. Is it any wonder that the large percent of really bad accidents on our roads are caused because they can't read nor write nor understand English. Is the next thing we see is our road signs in Spanish and then English, because that is what it is coming to in this world. Look around our area, every other house is Spanish. Look at the bold colors of greens, yellows, reds, purples, etc., misfits in once lovely neighborhoods. Car motors, wrecked cars, mowers, just junk sitting in yards. Oh, yes, some do have pride, but are not the majority. Look at our schools, Spanish is now a required subject; we have teachers teaching that our kids find hard to understand and are failing because no one is willing to listen to their complains to school officials. Most of our principals and administrators are Spanish, and parents are demanding that all teachers be bi-lingual because it embarrasses them to come to school and have to have their kids translate for them, when bi-lingual teachers would be most helpful. So, many of our legal citizens are without jobs because when they go to apply, the first thing asked is, "Are you bi-lingual?" If they are not, they are not going to get that job. Most of our factory jobs have been taken over by the Spanish, as well as road and building construction. We are constantly building new schools to house the growth due to the illegal immigrant population. Go to those sites and what do you find? Nearly all working there are Hispanics. It is wrong, and our leaders need to open their eyes and put a stop on allowing them into America, and once found ship them back immediately."

    Mrs. Daris, a nurse, was quite angry over the illegal immigrants. She said, "I lost my 18 year job as a nurse because our hospital was forced to close because the unhealthy build up of illegals we were required to care for free, no insurance, bankrupted us, and now when I apply I am asked if I am bi-lingual, that is what is needed. Also, I buy my kids school supplies at the beginning of the school year, supplies that are supposed to be for a full semester, only by the end of the 6th to 8th week, I am having to buy more of the same. I went to the school to find out what was happening to my children's supplies and what a surprise I was in for. I was told by the principal that all supplies by every student were put in a common supply room and given out as needed to all students: That many Spanish children did not have the funds to buy supplies and so all supplies were shared, no one child had his or her name to anything. It was common property. I was furious. They can buy drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, go to bars, drive new cars, but they can't buy their kids supplies. Well, neither do I now. I buy just enough for my kids first report card time, they keep it in their backpacks or lockers, then I replenish it as needed. Even Kleenex, that is suppose, to be your child's, is kept from them. A box is kept on the teacher's desk and all kids use them, as that box empties, she goes to the common supply room and gets another. No child is allowed a box at his desk. This bunch of nobodies took my job from me and I am expected to help keep their kids in school supplies. I don't think so."

    Mrs. Daris shook her finger in my face and said: "This is America, founded for the freedom of all, but not to be used for like a snake pit. Our Founding Fathers never meant it to be. I have studied our Constitution, Bill of Rights and by laws for over 50 years and what our government is cramming down our throats is nothing the way our Fathers intended. Yes, we are made up of diversity, but this country was built on the freedom of religion from tyranny and tyrant rulers, who forced their religion on their countrymen. It was not built on taking on the world forever. We fought our wars on this land to become strong and independent, to bond together in one unity. But what we have today is something different. Illegal immigrants--that our government has let overrule the population of this country--are steadily destroying what was once good. They no longer come here to be true Americans, learn and live the way of America. They come here to rape and destroy. They are not willing to leave their customs and their problems in their old countries, they want to change America into the very thing they are running away from, and illegals come here because they are too weak to fight the battles we fought hundreds of years ago to build this country into their own country. They send billions of dollars home every year to families, and still want more. Now they want our Social Security, when they never pay a dime into it and employers do not pay their share into it. Our government allows this and now is considering paying Mexico, whose own Social Security system will be broke in just three years, millions a year for illegals. Well, Honey, I can tell you this, only the government of Mexico will get it and they will never give it to the people, for no one knows who they are with false IDs they use in America. It is just another way for another government to break America. We are already in debt to so many countries we will never see black again. And people thought Clinton and Gore were so bad, at least they had this country first in their thoughts and left office with our government in the black. Don't care for Clinton's morals, but he was good for American pork being stopped, now look at it and the billions we are in the red again. Our hospitals are going broke, our highways and streets are going bad because of the illegal traffic and trucks, look at who the majority of the street gangs are in our communities in Texas...Hispanic youths, drive by shootings, robberies, etc.; look at the accident rate involving illegal immigrants here. Americans are losing jobs because they are not bi-lingual. Mexico has been planning this for years, preparing their people for the take-over of this great country, and we ignored it all."

    And then I talked with illegal immigrants and what a different story came from them. Illegals say they have a right to be here, this was their country taken from them in the early beginning of America (seems they were not taught history and how we came by Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California). They say they have a right to be paid wages without being taxed to death, that they pay state and federal taxes on goods they buy, why should they pay into Social Security and Income Tax. I in turn asked them..."if you are not willing to pay into these, why do you feel you have a right to them, to free education for your children, free hospital service, etc., while we have to pay into it all." Again, they said, it is our rights, America promises freedom and we are here for that freedom. Why should we have to pay for those freedoms that are promised. I asked them why they felt it necessary to carry false IDs, to lie to officials, employers, to constantly be on the move so they could not be traced from address to address. Why did they let family in Mexico send their kids here for free schooling, claiming them as their own children, then letting them go back to stay with parents in the summer? They informed me that was the privilege they had a right, too. I asked why can't you buy school supplies for your children, instead of burdening honest citizens with the costs. Again, I was told this is America, we have the right to freedoms, just as you.

    My answer? I am sorry, but illegal immigrants should not have the freedoms I have, for I am a citizen, legally, I pay my dues for the rights of my freedom. They laugh in your face and walk away.

    And then you talk to citizens who have married into the illegal immigrant population and that becomes a sad story. They feel their new families have a right to whatever they can get, legal or illegal. That America does not have the right to deny people from other countries the same rights we enjoy. America does not have the right to deport anyone who has come here for freedom and the right to live comfortably. This is a direct quote: "We have a right to welfare, our spouses do not make the kind of money you selfish Americans make. I am a born citizen of this country. I have a right to expect the government to help my family and give us a good life. We have the same rights as you to have good health care. So what if the hospitals do not have good management or charge the insurance companies when you are ill. Why should our spouses pay into taxation when you all do not recognize them as citizens, even though we are. You rank us as second class citizens, and therefore are not worthy of help, but you will see. We are having children, while you are limiting yours, we will take back this country for our Hispanic families. We will march and show you who is the strongest and will win in the end. This country owes the citizens of Mexico far more than you can ever repay, so we will take the country and it will become, again, part of Mexico."

    Author's note: Okay, fine, but then what country will they invade when the government of Mexico makes this into another Mexico and there is no work or future here, I say. For the leaders of Mexico will never be honest in taking care of their countrymen, they don't now and they will not in the future, but you can't seem to make the illegal immigrants and their citizen spouses understand any of this, they think they will be better off than we are. So Sad. Citizenship should not be a requirement to be an American, and that Americans should understand that "these people" have more rights than those of us born here, for we took their land from them. What a misconception the illegals have on this subject.

    I was truly amazed at the similarity of answers I got from so many people. These are only a few of whom I talked with. Many were worried because of the intermarriage with illegal immigrants and the change it will bring into this country. Their worry is founded, it is here now and there is nothing we can do about it. Our own people are turning from us to become a part of this movement to regain America, which they feel is their legal right, not ours. And most feel our government has let us down, and our President is so involved with the Spanish race and the relative part it plays in his own family, he has turned his cheek from the American people and embraced the liberalism of Mexico into this country. Some have even said that it began to be noticed, this illegal movement, while our current President was Governor of Texas by helping Hispanics obtain offices along the borders, opening our borders for the slow drifting of illegal drugs and people into our nation, and refusing to help stop the flow in any way.

    One Hispanic man said; "Our president needs to make a stand, close our borders, use our guards to control the in-flow of illegals from all countries, protect our border patrolmen/women, and quit making agreements with other countries the way he has been doing behind our backs. My family and I came here, applied legally, and worked and won our citizenship. We are Texan/Americans, and we stand tall in our freedoms which we work and pay for in every way. We speak the language, we obey the rules and we salute the flag and honor it. We lost a son in Vietnam and we have two grandsons in Iraq, fighting to keep us free. We don't like the war, but we try to understand, and these illegals immigrants come here without paying in any form, while our young people die for their freedoms. Our government and its so-called watchdogs are failing us for what?"

    We are no longer the glorious country we once were. Washington, D.C. has sold us to the top bidders of the world. I am Hispanic, but I am an American first always. I do not approve of what is being allowed in Texas or America as a whole. I want my country back as the Founding Fathers planned it and it worked for hundreds of years. Come to America, but do it legally and leave the old ways behind.

    I end my research with Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907. I believe that the majority of citizens, legal by birth or oath, will agree with his speech.

    "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming, in every facet, an American, and nothing but an American ...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." -- Theodore Roosevelt 1907

    Can't add a thing to this except secure the borders, build the fence or wall and don't hire illegals; they will self-deport.

    Great piece, Dan and Dodi.

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    Wow, excellent report.
    To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men. Abraham Lincoln

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    Lou Dobbs should do a show from DFW.
    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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    Well, aren't their attitudes something? They just feel they have a "right" to all the benefits here that Americans have fought for, died for, paid for, and continue to work for, while they just take it for FREE?? You can just imagine WHO is teaching them to have this attitude.

    I'd call that STEALING.

    We've got to kick all of their butts out of here, like NOW. This just makes me so fuming mad I can hardly see straight.

    We've just got to be the dumbest, weakest country on earth to continue to allow this. . .

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