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    Illegal immigration and the overwhelming damage it does to america

    Randy Haberman

    There is a fierce debate on what to do with illegal aliens who have sneaked across our borders. I think if you take a hard look at illegal immigration, you realize the damage illegal aliens are doing to this country especially economically.

    You kind of understand why some people and politicians are fighting so hard to end illegal immigration. They are being called racists, bigots and are insensitive to the plight of these people. The media and advocate groups portray illegal aliens as just poor people trying to find a job, support their families, cause no harm to us and can break our laws. This could not be further from the truth.

    Illegals are overwhelming our health care, education, government, criminal and social services to the point that these services are on the verge of collapsing in many states and cities and depriving legal residents of these services. It is estimated about 4,000 illegals attempt to cross our borders every day. The average illegal is under 24 years old, usually illiterate, can only speak Spanish and has little or no skills.

    No one knows for sure how many illegals are in our country but it has been estimated to be between 12 and 20 million. These people come here not for the love of this country but because they had no other place to go and we take care of them.

    Border states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida are bearing the high cost of taking care of illegals and are practically bankrupting some of these states. It is estimated illegal aliens cost the U.S. taxpayer more that $100 billion each year. Texas spent more than $350 million on health care alone.

    Almost 80 percent of the women who gave birth to babies at Parkland Hospital were illegal immigrants with no insurance or way to pay. Many come back multiple times thinking the more babies they have the less chance they will be deported. The Obama admininistration calls this establishing ties to the community, of course at taxpayer expense. These women receive free prenatal care including medication, nutrition, birthing and childcare classes. They also get free car seats, bottles, diapers and formula. In Mexico, they would have to pay at least $200 to start. If they cannot pay, the hospital will not accept them. Here it is free.

    There is a myth sold to the American people that illegals only take jobs Americans donít want. This is not true. It is because illegals work these jobs at a third of the wage with no benefits that would have to be paid to Americans. After Georgia instituted tougher new immigration laws, some illegals fled the state leading some farmers to complain they had no one to pick their fruit. But Georgia was paying less than $5 an hour for this hard work where Washington state was paying $15 an hour and had no shortage of people applying.

    Illegals hurt the working class by driving down wages and benefits. Also summer jobs college people used to have to support themselves are now being taken by illegal aliens. It is estimated illegals take millions of jobs from citizens who are looking for work.

    Another myth is illegals pay income taxes. Now how much taxes do you think a dishwasher is going to pay compared to the billions of dollars they receive in free education, free health care, free housing assistance, and free food stamps along with sending $23 billion out of this country yearly?
    Actually half of the illegals are paid cash under the table without paying any kind of taxes.

    It is not a pretty picture and the reason some states such as Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and others have tried to stop the flood of illegals overwhelming their states by passing new immigration laws to make it tough for them and drive them out. So what does our government do but sue them and block the implementation of these laws.

    We as Americans should push our government to put the brakes on illegal immigration by electing people who are not afraid of enforcing our existing immigration laws and securing our borders. Repeal any law that provides tax-paid services to illegals. We need to make it as tough on illegal aliens as we can. We should also consider changing the 14th Amendment where by a baby born in this country automatic becomes an instant citizen. Illegals are using this to get a foothold in this country. Most countries like England, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and others have restrictions on birthright citizenship and so should we.

    I donít care how you roll it illegal immigration is not good for this country and is practically destroying many areas of the southwest United States. The economic burden that these millions of illegal immigrants have put on our system is almost incalculable. Look to Mexico, this could be our future.

    Source: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - Allen Publishing
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    Somebody will step up and take some action against this problem.

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    Only a handful of people have stepped up to take care of this. Tom Tancredo tried and was ran out of forums several times by illegals and their supporters. Personally I don't see a lot of hope for the Southwest - especially Mexifornia. This state is insane with how they practically roll out the red carpet for illegals.

    Any state where liberals and sympathizers rule will be the first to go down. I'm just wondering how much longer we have until there is some sort of citizen's revolt. As the Depression deepens, I can see a LOT of civil unrest happening. It will likely start in LA and spread from there. Ever see pics of LA from the 50's and 60's? It was a wonderful place to live...looked like Mayberry with it's soda and barber shops. Now, it looks like a third world crap hole. Actually, it is a third world crap hole.
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